The Mummy


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7 10 355049


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Rachel Weisz as Evelyn 'Evy' Carnahan
Oded Fehr as Ardeth Bay
Brendan Fraser as Richard 'Rick' O'Connell
Patricia Velasquez as Anck Su Namun
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Griever_2112 9 / 10

An fun and exciting movie.

Yes, this is technically a remake. But if I learned anything from Oceans Eleven. It's not always a bad thing. It is a decent story of a ancient Egyptian priest who comes back from the dead to rule the world... or destroy it... bring about plagues... rescue his love... OK that part gets a little lost. But the events play out with plenty of action, danger, and pretty well timed comedy.

The cast is too notch, Brendan Fraiser at his height, personally I thought he would have been the next Indiana Jones. RACHEL Wisez was great and adorable. I've always liked Arnold Vosloo as an actor. And this movie introduced me to Oded Fher, who is also great.

Over all a great popcorn movie. It's not deep, but it has everything you could ask for in a good relaxing after a lo g day movie.

Reviewed by Elliott-Brewster77 8 / 10

Not a horror, but a very entertaining popcorn film

I went and saw this movie in theaters one Sunday and while I did not have any expectations, it entertained me. I wasn't looking for horror (that's not my favorite genre) but it kept me glued to my seat. It's got Egypt, it's got action, it's got adventure, some funnies, and lots of Indiana Jones-styled thrills. And while Brendan Fraser may not have been my first choice for the main role, I think he succeeded. Still, many of my friends and acquaintances couldn't stand this film because of him, but this is one of my favorite underrated films. This and its sequel. But watch The Mummy and The Mummy Returns and skip the third one and the recent one with Tom Cruise. This is where it's at!

Reviewed by driftboyvj 8 / 10

Good Action Adventure

I remember seeing this movie in the early 2000's on rented DVD. Movie is a complete entertainer in terms of action and adventure. There is non stop action till the very end. The story line and plot are mildly interesting if you are into ancient Egypt and mummy sorts of things. Acting have done their job very pretty well. CGI are at par with that time. You can watch it one fine evening if you are in mood for a India Jones type movie.

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