The Mountain


Action / Adventure / Drama

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Robert Wagner as Christopher 'Chris' Teller
Spencer Tracy as Zachary Teller
E.G. Marshall as Solange
Claire Trevor as Marie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

A plane crashes on a mountaintop then Wagner wants to plunder the wreckage and Tracy tries to care him

Sprawling adventure detailing the obsessive search for a crashed plane including spectacular scenarios , impressive images and maintains a fair degree of intrigue . Selfish and shady Chris Teller (a young Robert Wagner) pressures his older brother (snowy hair Spencer Tracy), a retired climber, to accompany him on a treacherous Alpine climb to loot the bodies of plane crash victims . As they set out to inspect an inter-continental routed aircraft that crashed in the French Alps . Suffering experiences in climbing the peak , it results to be evident that one brother intends to loot , while the other designs to save whatever he can .

Wonderfully photographed story dealing with greed and selflessness . Interesting screenplay by Ranald MacDougall , being faithfully based on the novel by Henry Troyat . Top-notch Spencer Tracy as an expert climber who attempts to care his younger brother , as usual , he displays a quiet dignity . Acceptable acting by Robert Wagner as an ambitious young with a ruthless charm . Beautiful Swiss Alps scenery falls to partially compensate for several dreary lapses and script's shortcomings , especially the disparity in their ages is disconcerting ; as both protagonists playing brothers, Spencer Tracy was 30 years older than Robert Wagner in real life ; Tracy previously portrayed Wagner's father in the western Broken lance . Very good support cast playing brief interpretations , such as Claire Trevor as Marie , William Demarest as Father Belacchi , Richard Arlen as Rivial , E.G. Marshall as Solange and gorgeous Anna Kashfi film debut as Hindu Girl . Very real climbing images as well as perfectly staged scenes , being marvelously photographed by Franz Planer , he fills the screen with excitement and suspense.

The motion picture was professionally directed by Edward Dmytryck .Filmmaker Edward , better known for overtly personal movies such as The Caine Mutiny was a craftsman whose career resulted to be interrupted by the activities of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), a congressional committee that employed ruthless tactics aimed at rooting out and destroying what it saw as Communist influence in Hollywood . A lifelong political leftist who had been a Communist Party member briefly during World War II, Dmytryk was one of the so-called "Hollywood Ten" who refused to cooperate with HUAC and had their careers disrupted or ruined as a result. The committee threw him in prison for refusing to cooperate, and after having spent several months behind bars , Dmytryk decided to cooperate . Dmytrick's biggest film was ¨The Caine Mutiny¨ , but he also realized another mutiny film titled : ¨Mutiny¨ with Angela Lansbury , Mark Stevens and Patrick Knowles . Edward was an expert on warlike genre as ¨Back to Batan¨ , ¨Battle of Anzio¨ , ¨Young lions¨ and Western as ¨Broken lance¨ , ¨Alvarez Kelly¨ , ¨Warlock¨ among others. Rating : a complete must see , it's recommended for Spencer Tracy and climbing buffs .

Reviewed by Spikeopath 7 / 10

Picking the pockets of the dead.

The Mountain is directed by Edward Dmytryk and adapted to screenplay by Ranald MacDougall from the novel written by Henry Troyat. It stars Spencer Tracy, Robert Wagner, Claire Trevor, William Demarest, Barbara Darrow, Richard Arlen, E.G. Marshall and Anna Kashfi. A VistaVision/Technicolor production with music by Danielle Amfitheatrot and cinematography by Franz F. Planer.

Greedy Chris Teller (Wagner) pressures his older brother, Zachary (Tracy) a retired climber, to escort him on a treacherous climb up Bald Mountain to loot the bodies of victims of a recently crashed airliner.


Two brothers, one old, wise and saintly, the other young, flashy and despicable, these two characterisations form the basis for Edward Dmytryk's The Mountain. After the picture opens with the plane crash, which is rather well done, characters are introduced and we are left in no doubt about who is good and evil here. The mountain of the title is a constant looming presence overlooking the town, and soon enough the two very different brothers are undertaking a perilous climb up said mountain for very different reasons.

The VistaVision/Technicolor photography is often sublime, the Mont-Blanc locale in France beautifully realised, and Dymtryk wrings out great suspense as the ascent for the two lads proves dangerously arduous. Then there's a turn of events that changes things, and then another, until we get to the finale where the moral is laid on heavy and the picture smugly clocks out. It's real safe and enjoyable entertainment, even if the casting of Tracy and Wagner as brothers (with 30 years between them) is most odd (why not write it as a more believable father and son axis for the film?). While some cheap studio shots seep into the production to dampen the awe built up elsewhere.

Hard to dislike in spite of some flaws, and a must for mountaineer types and fans of the effortless acting style of Tracy. 7/10

Reviewed by Alan Baker 4 / 10

Nice scenery

I had hazy memories of this movie from TV screenings many years ago. I remembered it as being pretty good, but having recently watched it again on Blu-ray, it is pretty slow and boring. The casting problem which others have mentioned does grate and Wagner's character seems like an idiot. Robbing a bank would be a lot less risky if he was bent on a life of crime. Nobody attempts an authentic accent but Tracy compensates by speaking veeeery slowly and was clearly in no condition to climb a flight of stairs, never mind a mountain. The VistaVision photography is good and the juxtaposition of location and studio footage is well handled but it's all a bit predictable.

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