The Monster


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chris Shaw 7 / 10

A Good Indie Horror Flick

There are a lot of strong opinions on this film in its early reviews. I just want to give a practical commentary on what I see.

This is a great horror flick with some heavy symbolism. It is a story about a mother and daughter who are terrorized by a monster when their car gets stuck. A lot of dudes (or women haters) seem to hate it (check the low reviews and notice the colorful words they have for women). As a dude myself, I had no problem watching a film from a female perspective. I rather enjoyed it and found it touching at times.

The characters are both flawed. I related with the daughter at times because I grew up with a flawed father. I acted and reacted a lot of the ways the daughter in the film did too. So from my perspective, there was some heavy realism in the backstory. I found the "boring" moments to be touching.

The practical effects are superb in my opinion. Some will disagree though.

Some of the writing is flawed in regards to character choices. I think discourse could answer some of the choices, but my fellow horror film nerds seem to be either accepting or spiteful of cliché character fails in the genre. I could see past them though for quality story though.

So if you don't get angry being put in a woman's perspective and like horror films, this should be right your alley.

Reviewed by othervoice-49461 8 / 10

I enjoyed the movie and the acting is top notch

I recommend it. The whole monster aspect and horror sequences are a little generic - nothing ground breaking- but you get invested in the two leads and the acting is top notch IMO. I cared about their characters which made the movie work. It has some decent jump scares and a nice dark setting. I thought it was well written and works as more than just a horror film. It is a limited theatrical release with a fairly small budget and does a great job creating atmosphere. I know some were disappointed in the moving looking at other reviews but I think maybe they were expecting a more traditional horror movie. I myself found it to be quite tense, if anything from an emotional aspect.

Reviewed by jenx42 7 / 10

This is not a horror film!

If you have a heart, this movie will break it. This is so erroneously classified as "horror" when in fact it's a drama that happens to have a monster in it. The monster feels like a metaphor for the monster that lives inside some people.

It's about a little girl who has a seriously messed up, alcoholic mother. We witness this dysfunctional relationship in a series of painful flashbacks. On the way to deliver the little girl to stay with her father they run into a monster and must to fight to survive.

If you've had an abusive childhood or an addicted parent this movie may be too much for you. The interactions are pretty raw and really don't pull any punches. I'm not the type of person who dwells in my childhood. I'd say I've been very forgiving and able to avoid the mistakes of my parents and get past a bad upbringing, yet this movie was nearly unbearable. The end made me cry until my head exploded.

As far as the reviewer who thought it was boring, well if you want a horror movie, you won't like this but it's certainly not boring. Don't Breath, as they recommended you watch instead was actually a boring, clichéd POS!

Major Spoilage Ahead!

My ultimate conclusion was that the girl subconsciously decided to save herself by going to live with her dad knowing that her mothers monsters would kill her eventually. Both of which happen literally in the end. Metaphors for days!

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