The Million Eyes of Sumuru


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 10%
IMDb Rating 3.2 10 652


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Shirley Eaton as Sumuru
Frankie Avalon as Tommy Carter
Klaus Kinski as President Boong
Wilfrid Hyde-White as Colonel Baisbrook
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 5 / 10

How rare

I was looking up this movie and noticed that it has yet to be released on a single format on video. I was always wondering how people managed to see such a rare film. Then again, how did the cast of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" stumble upon this? Was the film just preserved somewhere? I don't think this was an awful film. I actually enjoyed the fighting at the end. Of course, it's still a bad movie. It's mostly because it's just plain boring. It wasn't until near the end that I understood why a lot of people considered this a James Bond wannabe.

The main character actually did get a few amusing lines in. It's just nothing too memorable. The atmosphere isn't good, but not the worst. There's some pretty gaudy details here that don't help. It didn't really have anything that stupid about it. I guess it wasn't a good movie to look at for the most part. There aren't any actors or actresses that I recognize. At least we got to see a few explosions in this. Of course, that's just near the end and it isn't worth the whole movie. I thought there was a little effort put into it. **

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 8 / 10

I've got to go against the grain here, as I liked this one quite a bit

The Million Eyes of Sumuru is another movie produced by exploitation maven Harry Alan Towers. Like quite a few of his others it has a unique combination of low budget with exotic location shooting. In this case the action takes place in Hong Kong. The title character is Sumuru (essentially a female Fu Manchu) who plans on ruling the world by using her army of gorgeous women who go out individually and kill all of the world's leading men after getting up close and personal with them by way of their considerable female charms. These 'unfortunate' male saps are then dispatched by a device that turns them into stone. Anyway, via this grand plan Sumuru will take over the world somehow.

This is one of the films that surfed the wave of success created by the James Bond movies which were massive in the 60's. To that end it has a very agreeable combination of exotic locations and hot premier division women. The very fact that the plot-line to this one actively focuses on a woman with an army of babes meant that this one got plus points from me more or less straight away. The 60's glamour essentially is what makes this one work for me. From the thrills and spills side of the fence it's pretty half-hearted, this is a film after all which could be summed up with the word 'breezy', so it's best not to go into this one expecting any pulse pounding action.

The star of the piece is Shirley Eaton in the role of Sumuru. She would go on to forever be known as the lady painted gold in the earlier Bond classic Goldfinger (1964) but it's nice to see her get a starring role here (she also repeated the role in the follow up movie The Girl from Rio (1969), which is another poorly rated film which I happen to like a lot more than most others it seems). This one also benefits from the appearance of two other cult film stars in the beautiful Maria Rohm as a female agent (who is 'turned' by the main 'hero' who was not much more than a sex-pest I thought) and we also have Klaus Kinski appear as one of the high ranking men who is targeted by Sumuru, he even gets to sport a very silly wig in the process. On the whole, this is a movie which seems to have something of a bad reputation which I personally think is somewhat unfair. It has beautiful women, exotic locations and breezy action. That might not be enough for some but it was enough for me.

Reviewed by IndustriousAngel 6 / 10

Silly but mostly entertaining

The IMDb-rating (3.0 at the time I write this review) is plain ridiculous, that's why I give this movie a write-up. Of course, it's cheesy and silly but no different from other spy comedies from the 60s, say the Matt Helm flicks. And the production values are much higher; there's good location shooting and beautiful sets, plus good camera work (I watched the wide-screen version). Capable acting there is little, but the pretty female cast makes a bit up for that. The music is nothing special and the movie definitely has some lengths despite the snappy running-time.

SPOILERS: The main problem is probably that the "hero" never gets much to do (James Bond would have freed himself in the final act - well, I guess our hero waiting passively for his rescue is part of the spoof but it was a lousy decision, tension-wise). Secondly, the villain organisation, basically a small army of nubile young women aimed at creating a men-free reign, is doomed to fail from the start (in fact, one wonders how it ever got that big) because none of the pretty members, from leader to lowest rung, is able to keep her wits about her when left alone with a healthy male. That's a nice running gag at first but gets simply ridden to death. So overall, it's just a minor B-movie despite the high production values.

But if you like other 60s spy comedies (say, Liquidator or the Matt Helm outings), you'll like this one well enough. It's even a valid spoof of early James Bond in many scenes.

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