The Meyerowitz Stories


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 7 10 24616


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Adam Driver as Randy
Adam Sandler as Danny
Ben Stiller as Matthew
Sigourney Weaver as Sigourney Weaver
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Max Rottersman 1 / 10

Fake Drama

Relative to what this cast should have accomplished, this is a 1. However, it is watchable.

Dustin Hoffman will die an actor who always played the same part. A bumbling guy, messing up here and there, trying to get things right...misunderstood. Etc. They should have known better before casting him in this. He didn't commit to the character's selfishness, delusions and narcissism--his pent up anger. (Ironically, because in real life Hoffman, like the character, is a selfish prima donna) Without Hoffman actually acting the part, the rest of the actors are left hanging, losers all, who one can feel little sympathy for. In other words, the film is boring, one only waits in the hope that the cast will ultimately save it. The womens' part are atrocious for this day and age, a young women interested in porn, a lonely spinster and a lush. Emma Thompson should know better.

I do a full-on rant about the film on YouTube. If you search "maxotics meyerowitz" you should find it. IMDb is unclear about linking to YouTube directly so I won't.

Reviewed by tdintersmith-12222 2 / 10


I heard a great New Yorker Radio Hour podcast about the film, so I dove in with high hopes. But it was a slog. I'm a big fan of Dustin Hoffman, but he must have been directed to wear out the audience, which he does quite effectively. I kept looking for some spark -- humor, emotion, love, or just about anything other than the sensation of standing next to a jackhammer for almost two hours. But that's what this film- watching experience was.

Reviewed by Devon-groves 2 / 10

How is this good?

I literally don't understand how this can be called "good." It's pretentious nonsense. The roles of the women are almost as meaningless & shallow as the plot. What was the purpose of us seeing a father watch his daughter's bizarre porn films like it was normal? Was it suppose to be funny? Were we actually suppose to see it as art? Or was it to have a worse movie inside this movie to trick us into this this was actually good? The entire film was just a boring waste of time.

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