The Mechanic


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 53%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 136168


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Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop
Donald Sutherland as Harry McKenna
Ben Foster as Steve McKenna
Tony Goldwyn as Dean
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deanbeyer-68863 3 / 10


Some chose the mechanic based on a list of TOP assassin movies. Well it's safe to say that the British guy from Crank is more or less an 18 year old working at Jiffy lube who has a licence to carry. Now, he is no bigger than Jackie Chan, but we expect this actor to throw down. He doesn't even use a silencer. His gun is a nub gun. Something an elf would use. It looked like a down syndrome weapon. I was hoping for a sniper rifle. Or some swords. In the beginning He meets an old man who seems like a friend. They have breakfast. I think its pierce bronston. It doesn't matter. After about fifteen minutes he finds him at work at shoots him in the heart. Right in the heart. Idiot. Plus they had a really homo staring contest like in twilight saga. I forgot to tell you the guy was handicap in a wheelchair. Off to a good start. That character was POINTLESS. The assassin just shot an old man in a wheelchair.

All the sudden we are in a dance bar. Some dank floozie wants action. A classy hoe with status. She looked like an affluent wine drinker. Maybe a grade school teacher. Well, she banged the crap out of him then drank some coffee. Sounds like first period was in session.Then she dissipated from the film completely. But I got to see some boobs and bare naked ass. Not an assassination but ok. Nothing wrong with a little porn. After this, Mr. Crank finds this POS house like from fight club and just decides to sleep there. Like WTF I realized the main character is white trash with no special abilities or plans. I wasn't listening to the audio but I'm certain he hooks up with his brother who is an alcoholic and a liability to everyone. So far there is not much action. No kung fu so far. The rest of the movie these two idiots go back and forth from the abandoned house to a muscle car workshop. You know because he is a "mechanic" OOOOooo scary. The title is so catchy yet the act is so oily. There is a few gun shots with some 1980's executives. Who cares. Nobody important. They barely know how to shoot. This movie is a Complete diarrhea storm.

Reviewed by rupak_speaking 6 / 10

Typical Statham Flique - Just About Does Its Job

It's a typical Statham flick, nothing less, nothing more, nothing extraordinary, but just enough to carry you through, the background score is good, complements well the style and suave to the movie, action scenes are not noteworthy, but overall the movie just about does the job for a Statham fan. Will go with a 5.5-6 out of 10 for this one...

Reviewed by alindsay-al 6 / 10

An above average statham action flick

Jason statham has become known for the vast amount of action films that he is involved in and this film is another one and one that I actually enjoyed a bit. The premise of this film sees after the death of his mentor an assassin takes his son under his wing and attempts to show him the ropes. As mentioned before Jason statham is the lead in this film and he was pretty perfect for this role, he fits this assassin role well and it is easy to believe in him in the role. He bought his usual tough guy attitude to the role but I did find him pretty entertaining in this film. Ben foster plays his associate in this film and I thought he was pretty fantastic in his film, he was easily the most interesting character in the film and I found him the most entertaining to watch. His and statham's chemistry is easily the best part of this film to watch. However, the rest of the cast doesn't provide anything at all. It is the typical action film clich├ęs and it really holds this film back from being more interesting then it is. The story of this film has a pretty interesting dynamic between statham and foster and watching that friendship develop throughout the film is the one thing that sets this film apart. But as the film progressed I realised that the plot is very generic and actually pretty unfocused especially towards the middle of the film. The script has some decent banter and dramatic dialogue but nothing that really stands out in any way shape or form. The style has some really cool shoot outs that I found fun to watch and some decent stunts. There is some hand to hand action scenes and i feel like there is just too many quick cuts used so it is a bit hard to focus on what is exactly going on during them. Overall this is an alright action film that is totally watchable but not really a must see.

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