The Mechanic


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
IMDb Rating 7 10 10210


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Charles Bronson as Arthur Bishop
Keenan Wynn as Harry McKenna ['Big Harry']
Jan-Michael Vincent as Steve McKenna
Jill Ireland as The Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PimpinAinttEasy 7 / 10

I liked it .....

An existential story of an ageing hit-man. It is set in many exotic locations including italy. Charles Bronson's house in the film is something else. The supporting actors were cheesy. Jan Michael Vincent (who plays the hit-man's protégé) cannot hold his own when Bronson is around. The action scenes were too over the top when you consider that the leading man was going through some sort of personal crisis. The ending is foreshadowed in the middle of the film when Bronson takes Jan Michael to a judo match. Jill Ireland makes a token appearance. THE MECHANIC looks quite good on blu ray. Especially the beach and sea scenes filmed in Italy.

Reviewed by Richard ParkerII 10 / 10

They Don't Make Movies Like This Anymore

Awesome Action Movie.

Never lost interest. All the actors were very good at portraying their characters. In real life we would be very wise to stay far away from the folks portrayed. Yet the story pulls one in.

The ending was, for me, an unexpected surprise. 'Amoral'? 'Justice' gets done? The viewer gets the option to reflect on that.

Reviewed by Tweekums 8 / 10

A classic hit-man thriller

Arthur Bishop is a hit-man who works with care; every detail is planned out and when he strikes the target will certainly be killed but it won't be identified as a murder. After observing one of his hits we see he go to see his boss, a man he has known all his life and clearly considers a friend. He is asks to look into a problem. Shortly afterwards he is given his next target; his boss! They may be friends but that doesn't stop him doing his job. After the funeral Steve, the man's son, asks for a lift home; they get talking and over a series of meetings Steve gets to know what Bishop does and eventually asks if he can work with him. He accepts and they start training; their first hit together is successful but ends up messier than Bishop's employers would have liked… they are also displeased that he took on an apprentice without asking their permission. Bishop is given another job, this time in Italy… there is a complication though; he has learnt that Steve has been given his own job… to kill Bishop!

This is a solid thriller that doesn't rush things; not a word is spoken in the first ten minutes during which time we see Bishop setting up a hit in intricate detail. This ends in explosive style. There are more moments of action as Bishop and Steve engage in more jobs; this is especially true of the job on Italy which features shootings, an impressive chase along a winding coast road and more explosions. There are some disturbing moments; most notably when it looks as if Steve and Bishop will just look on as the former's girlfriend attempts suicide. The twist of having Steve targeting Bishop wasn't a huge surprise but once we, and Bishop, knew about it the tension was raised nicely. They must work together one is constantly wondering when Steve will turn on his mentor. Michael Winner directs in a no-nonsense manner and is willing to go long periods without dialogue. Charles Bronson does a fine job as the very precise Bishop and Jan-Michael Vincent contrasts nicely as Steve; a man who seems to enjoy his work. Overall I'd certainly recommend this to fans of the genre.

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