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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by primehalo 4 / 10

Disappointing Sequel

I loved The Matrix. Still do, in fact. So I was extremely disappointed when I finally got to see the much anticipated sequel, The Matrix Reloaded. Now, I didn't expect it to be better than the first, but I at least thought it would be good. Unfortunately, it wasn't. It was total crap. If this movie had been made first, I can't imagine that there would have been any sequels made. Yes, it had some really cool effects, but that's really the only thing this movie has going for it.

So first off, the musical score was awful. Not once did match the tone of the scene. Music is supposed to be one of the most important aspects to influencing the emotion state of the audience throughout the film, so why exactly did they make it seem like they were just randomly pulling tracks out of a giant CD pile? Not once did I feel any kind of emotion at all... oh, wait... except for boredom, does that count? I guess I should be a bit more specific. I felt no amazement, no excitement, no sadness, no humor, and no satisfaction. I mean, I didn't even feel any tingling-sensation during the giant orgy scene in cave!

The next problem I had was with the extremely long and occasionally pointless fight scenes. In the first movie, the action all seemed to flow naturally throughout the unfolding of the story, but in this movie it feels like the only point is to have action scenes and the story has to do whatever it can to make that happen. How else can you explain the extremely weak lead-up to the much over-hyped freeway chase scene? And how can you explain any of the fighting at all, when at the end of the first movie Neo learns complete control and can take out bad guys from the inside-out? Oh yeah, that's right, they did explain that: "upgrades".

The worst of these pointless actions scenes was Neo's fight against the gang of agent Smith's. That scene went on forever! And halfway though, the characters seemed to switch from the actors we all know and love to some impressive looking yet definitely not-realistic computer graphic creations. When the fight was just about over, they cut to a close up of Neo's face, which was shocking because I actually forgot that I was watching a live-action movie. And then what's Neo do to finish this extremely long fight in which it was obvious within the first couple minutes that no one could win? He flies away! Yep, just flies away! Why the hell didn't he just do that in the first place!

And lets not forget about the cast of characters. Gone is the mystery surrounding all those we were introduced to in the first movie. Some new allies and villains were introduced, but we are given absolutely no reason to care about any of them. No clues are shared about their pasts that make us want to know more about who they are. No startling or secret ambitions are revealed that make us want to know what will happen to them in the future.

They introduce these two ghost-like guys dressed in all white who can phase through solid objects...and their sole reason for being in this movie is to fight. That's it. They introduce this one French dude who is supposedly a bad guy or something... but he really didn't seem very evil to me. When we meet him, he is just sitting there blabbing away about something that made little sense and had nothing to do with the story. Then he gives a piece of cake to a woman which makes her have an orgasm. Oh my gosh, what an evil man! I'm really scared of this diabolical mastermind now!

Anyway, I know a lot of my disappointment of this movie comes from knowing how wonderful the first movie is. I bought this sequel on DVD for my wife, and when I watched it again with her it didn't seem nearly as bad as when I first saw it that night in the theater. I'm sure that's because I already knew not to expect anything at all from it, and so I didn't. I just watched it for what it was, a pointless time-wasting action flick.

Reviewed by marieltrokan 7 / 10

Deeply foolish, for trying to make out that separation should feel saved by criticism

The first sequel, to the 1999 classic The Matrix, is a movie which appears to sum up being a quality that's independent of quality. A dependence that's dependent.

The dependent is corrupt. However, the actual corrupt state of the dependence is exempt from the exactness of being corrupt. The corruption itself is something which is saved due to the identification. The need to identify the corrupt as the corrupt is what prevents criticism of the corrupt.

The corrupt can't be criticised, because of the fact that the corrupt is real. Corruption being real, means that corruption is a separate reality - corruption is simply the fact of separation.

In The Matrix Reloaded, the basic fact of separation is saved from being corrupt because it needs to be identified. Having to identify the separate as the separate is what lets the separate be separate.

And this is why The Matrix Reloaded is a pathetic type of movie.

It doesn't seem right, and it doesn't seem sane that a reality has to be noticed and observed by another reality just so that it can exist. If separation is real, then that should surely mean that anything is left alone.

The truth, is that it's impossible for separation to happen without any observation - and once again, this is why The Matrix Reloaded is a truly silly and naive type of film. The movie is separation as a fact, and yet, it's also shooting itself in the foot by overruling the common sense that separation needs observation.

Separation needs observation! So in that case, why is The Matrix Reloaded representing separation as fact while hurting the fact of observation? What gives The Matrix Reloaded the right to do that?

To recap: The Matrix Reloaded is the fact of separation. However, it's also a case of undermining the truth that criticism is a prerequisite for separation.

Separation would be impossible without any sort of criticism: The Matrix Reloaded should know a lot better than to act as if separation should feel privileged that it's being criticised.

All in all, The Matrix Reloaded is a very misguided continuation to the 1999 source material.

Reloaded is a very irritating film

Reviewed by dedjuj 8 / 10

Neo now that he is the chosen one must must face many challenges and in time safe the real world Zion from the machines.

(Spoiler Alert : this review may contain Spoilers).

The movie The Matrix Reloaded was a great sequel to The Matrix. There were a lot of hidden meaning in this movie just like before with a lot of reference to religion.

The world as we know it, is a place where we live, grow up, get an education, etc. This has been the reality that almost every human being on the planet knows. People think that every day they make choices that affect how their life goes on. For example, if you to go to college and get a degree to get a good job and to support yourself. Choose to start a business or company, then you can make money and also help other people with your product or ideas. Well, no, you don't have a choose anything in your life. These so called choices that you make are already made for you. This world is not the real world, but a fake one that is here to misguide us and to hide the truth about life.

That truth is the what the movie The Matrix Reloaded is about. The world isn't real and that we follow blindly a world that hides the truth from us. Freewill is a complete lie that is made up so that people will follow this fake world and not second guess it. The choices that we think we make aren't really made by us, but already made for us. We are here to understand why we made it. There is a reason why things happen the way they do and we need to understand it because it is beyond our so called control.

There is a scene that takes place on a bench in a park about half way through the movie. The Oracle is waiting for Neo on the bench and is watching people as they walk by. Neo, who is accompanied by seraph the person who protects the Oracle, walks into the park and is greeted by the Oracle. Neo is there to get answers for the things that has been going on lately. The Oracle tells Neo about choice and how we are not here to make them but to understand why we did what we did. This will be an important factor that Neo has to consider when he is conflicted with the event that goes on. The survival of the real world Zion in the movie depends on what he does.

This movie has points that reflect the teachings of The Bhagavad Gita and the Mahabharata, which are Hindu religious texts. The Bhagavad Gita is a story about Arjuna and Krishna. This whole text is about the conversation that the two had while in the middle of a great war called the Mahabharata. The warrior Arjuna was conflicted due to the fact that the people he was fighting and was supposed to kill were his relatives, friends, teachers and etc. Arjuna was just about to quit and go back to the forest to live out his days in exile when Krishna (a god) talked to him. Krishna tells Arjuna that this is his duty, his purpose in life. The people he kills are not really going to die, but go to the next step in the reincarnation cycle.

In the movie, Neo is the like Arjuna in the sense that he is ready to quit and he doesn't know what to do. The Oracle makes it easy for him by telling him that he already made the choice and now all he had to do is understand why he does what he does. The Oracle also says that the "One" which she refers to as Neo in the movie, has to go back to the original source. In the movie, the original source, is the machine mainframe. He must once again become a part of the mainframe.

This is another reference to the Hinduism culture. In Hinduism the ultimate goal is to become one with Brahman. That is the only thing that matters in life, in fact the purpose in life is to merge our soul back with Brahman. Brahman is the one god that is above all others. The part where Neo has to join the Machine Mainframe is just like the how we have to merge our soul with Brahman. The similarities are undeniably there and that what the whole movie was based on. The Oracle Says that the purpose of the one is understand the choices that he already made and also in the end to join the mainframe to reset the matrix and bring peace to both the Matrix and Zion.

The plot of the movie is great and there is a greater hidden meaning to every scene. This movie is undoubtedly a great classic and it lives up to the expectation of The Matrix series.

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