The Matchbreaker


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 2136


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Osric Chau as Sam
Ben Davies as Brian
Victoria Jackson as Mrs. Taylor
Olan Rogers as Mitchell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nayeem Khan 6 / 10

Surprisingly boring but enjoyable

The Matchbreaker is quite somehow enjoyable but mostly boring & too emotional.I don't recommend you to watch this film if your time is valuable.Dramatic filmly style movie The Matchbreaker is able to refresh your afternoon.

Reviewed by xhidden99 3 / 10

An amazingly boring movie

It's got what you'd think are the requisite check boxes for romcom. A dumb unlikable male who's a genius about the social lives of others but is retarded about his own. A retarded sidekick best friend. A fake career where he gets paid to be evil. And of course the girl of his dreams is the most amazing perfect woman he's been in love with since they were 8 and she doesn't know it. So he stalks her, which in this case was eerily prescient since the actress was actually murdered by a guy like this. So there you have it ladies. Every romcom is a story of love between an idiot and her killer. In the end though THIS movie is slow and dull and not even in that frustrating way all romcoms rely on confusion fear and mixed messages. It's dull in the way that poorly written acted and directed movies are. Make no mistake, Christina Grimmie was a phenomenally talented singer. A singer, the operant word is singer. Not actress. She couldn't act. But then no one in THIS movie can. Three stars for her singing.

Reviewed by catherine_welk 1 / 10

Terrible acting

All of the lines were delivered awkwardly and it was really uncomfortable to watch. The main character has zero acting skill and his voice was grindy and annoying. It seems like the director had no idea how to direct, because all of the actors had a similar grindy tone.

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