The Martian


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 93%
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Jessica Chastain as Melissa Lewis
Kate Mara as Beth Johanssen
Sebastian Stan as Chris Beck
Matt Damon as Mark Watney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by justintannerpw1 1 / 10

A movie written by frat-boys

I don't usually like to give movie reviews - but it was a hot weekend and I figured maybe I'd venture out and see what the culture had to offer. So just how bad was "The Martian?" So bad that after an hour I realized I would rather be back in the sweltering 97 degree heat than sitting in an air conditioned theater listening to anymore inane dialog (lines like "F**k you Mars!" and "I'm going to science the S**T out of it!") In fact it would appear that a prerequisite for going into the space program is at least six months of doing stand up. (BAD stand up.) Why does everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) in the movie sound like one of those guys on "The Big Bang Theory?" Snarky and idiotic and always cracking wise. Also: Why did every character, while typing, READ what he's typing out loud? Has anyone ever done this EVER? And what was with all the expository dialog, (the whole script was expository as far as I'm concerned) Throughout the movie Matt Damon talks into a video camera, making a diary and yet he only says things that everyone who would potentially WATCH the video would of course already know, things like: "Oh yeah, did I tell you? I'm a botanist." It's clear he was attempting to speak directly to the viewer and NOT the imaginary audience in the movie itself. This is the laziest kind of writing there is. They don't know how to deliver plot anymore except to dump bowling balls of ham fisted information in your lap; telling you things you've already figured out in the most obvious way possible. That meant that there was absolutely ZERO tension. It was like reading an instruction manual for a microwave oven. "How do I grow potatoes? Oh look there's some poo." (cue the laugh track) And Ridley Scott's direction was as slack as an industrial film. False stakes, false resolutions, false falseness. Now,I know I only managed to make it through the first hour or so; maybe it got really good after that, but I was starting to feel my brain cells beginning to atrophy so it was from a sense of self- preservation that I skedaddled out of there when I did. (And don't get me started on the disco songs and requisite jokes about 'bad musical taste.' It was just more target-market reconstituted nostalgia-bait.) If there is a more unoriginal, un-involving, unbelievable waste of time out there, I haven't seen it. So of course: Line up the Oscars!

Reviewed by flickernatic 5 / 10

More marshmallow than Martian!

The crew of an American base on Mars are forced to make an emergency departure leaving one crew-member behind presumed dead. But he is alive! Can the stranded astronaut find a way of communicating his plight to those on Earth and survive while he awaits rescue?

A fairly standard 'castaway' plot but one which offers many dramatic possibilities. Unfortunately few of these are realised in this pedestrian movie which fails to generate any significant dramatic tension. This is partly because the characterisation is thin but also because the challenges the stranded astronaut faces seem to be so easily overcome. Starvation? Grow potatoes. Punctured space-helmet? Sticky tape. Mars rover vehicle lacking power? Wire up a few solar cells. Communications equipment destroyed? Motor over to a handy Mars lander. We never sense that the 'Martian' (Matt Damon) is in a desperate, mind- and body-sapping struggle against the odds (conveniently he is a botanist).

Damon effectively portrays the 'Martian' as a likable guy but the problem is how to fill the two hours of the movie that remain after he is stranded? When a character is alone and unable to communicate it needs something exceptional to keep us glued to the screen. Maybe what's going on back home will do it. Not really because the cast of characters there are verging on cardboard cut-outs. The returning crew? Likewise. And the script is written on the assumption that the audience is a little dumb, e.g. A: It will be 500 Sols (Martian days) before we can rescue him. B: But his food will run out in 300 sols. C: So he'll die before we get there. Indeed! And so may we.

The movie has some good FX and the Martian landscape looks convincing. But there's nothing exceptional here to compensate for the lack of an effectively told story.

In essence this is an American feel-good fantasy film, celebrating ideals of technical omnipotence, racial harmony, gender equality and international collaboration (with those cool Chinese guys and gals). If only it were so. No wonder the credits rolled to the tune of The O' Jays singing 'Love Train'. School-kids will probably join in! But, to quote Sam Goldwyn, 'Include me out!'

(Viewed at the Odeon, Warrington, 06 October 2015)

Reviewed by SmashingUKProductions 9 / 10

Thrilling Sci-Fi Survival Adaptation

The science fiction survival genre has become a big hit recently with 2013's 'Gravity' and last years 'Interstellar', and now the Mars-set tale 'The Martian'. From the hands of sci-fi connoisseur Ridley Scott, the mastermind behind 'Alien' and 'Blade Runner' comes the thrilling screen adaptation of Andy Weir's novel. Within the first few minutes, the audience are already on the edge of their seats as Matt Damon fights for survival in an Oscar-worthy performance. Playing an astronaut abandoned on the desolate surface of Mars after being presumed dead, Damon must do all he can to endure the martian environment, supported by some stunning cinematography and fantastic visual effects, 'The Martian' is able to blend humour and emotion within it's dramatic plot of survival. Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Kate Mara, Sean Bean, Chiwetel Ejiofor, just a few big names that support Damon wonderfully. If you are a fan of 'Interstellar' or any other science fiction survival tale or even some of Scott's previous sci-fi adventures, then this is one to definitely add to your watch list. Best viewed on the big screen!

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