The Martian


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 93%
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Jessica Chastain as Melissa Lewis
Kate Mara as Beth Johanssen
Sebastian Stan as Chris Beck
Matt Damon as Mark Watney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by slingeraap 6 / 10

Expected more

I am a bit of nerd of this kind of realistic science fiction movies and therefore I had high expectations of this movie. I regret to say I was disappointed.

The movie tells the story of how the main character struggles to survive on Mars and how the space agencies work to get them back. But I was missing the emotions, the human touch. The main character never displays any signs of loneliness, despair or fear. He is more like "oh, looks like I'm stuck on Mars, let's grow potatoes". He makes a one- off reference to his parents in an electronic communication, but nowhere in the movie is it made clear what his main drive is to want to return to Earth. It appears as nothing ties him there. Maybe the directors wanted to avoid the cliché of the eight months pregnant and terminally ill wife eagerly awaiting her husband's return from a dangerous mission, but even a cliché had been better than nothing. His character is also too flat. The only character trait that is highlighted slightly in the movie is that he may be a bit too smug about himself. Nothing else to make me identify or sympathize with him. To be honest, I couldn't have cared less if he had not survived.

The Mars landscape is beautifully rendered en very credible with dust clouds and all. This is the main attraction of the movie.

The main problem that there is nothing novel about this movie. There have been better movies for every aspect of the film:

Human aspect/psychology of being marooned in a strange place: Cast Away did it so much better; set in space: Matt Damon's role in Interstellar was more credible than his performance here. Space action scenes: Gravity had me on the edge of my seat Ground control scenes: Apollo 13 already set the standard

In summary, the movie is a beautiful, but hollow shell.

Reviewed by dzumdahl 9 / 10


It was well made, sure, but Childish Gambino was in it, so it's fantastic. Too bad Sean Bean did not die. Was disappointed. That'll happen.

Reviewed by mike48128 9 / 10

Great EFX but a bit preposterous, boring, yet spellbinding?

With 1100 reviews, I suppose that few people may read this, but here goes: Fantastic sets and special effects. I wish I had seen this on a big screen. I am sure that it has been compared to everything from "2001" to "Apollo 13". It seems a bit tedious, but that might be because of the 3 hour cable broadcast time if you don't DVR it. An astronaut presumed dead is accidentally left behind when a long-term Mars Mission is aborted due to an intense hurricane force Martian sand storm is encountered. The first third of the movie centers on how Astronaut "Mark" manages to set up housekeeping, grow his own crops, and re-establish communications with Houston Control. Then it shift gears and become a rescue mission much like Apollo 13. There are equipment failures along the way and the mission crew almost commits mutiny when they decide to double back and rescue the stranded man. Smart and intelligently presented by Ridley Scott but not everyone's "cup of tea". I enjoyed it but found many badly-answered plot hole questions: There seems to be an unlimited supply of oxygen in the space suits. Maybe they can manufacture it in the suit? The "Power of Duct Tape" creates a perfect air seal. (I guess it really is the handyman's secret weapon?) A partial nudity shower scene is really unnecessary. Even after a clear plastic seal blows out, the entire craft doesn't fog up and blow apart? Oh, well, enjoy it for what it is, but don't expect it all to make perfect sense.

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