The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot


Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 94%
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Sam Elliott as Calvin Barr
Aidan Turner as Calvin Barr
Ron Livingston as Flag Pin
Ellar Coltrane as The Clerk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by terrorfirmer-ie 8 / 10

Despite the outrageous title, a slow character study centered on loss and regret...

This is not the movie you might reasonably have expected from the title - while both killings are part of the movie, they play second fiddle to the story of a man who has sacrified everything for what he believes is in service of the greater good.

Really took me by surprise, Sam Elliot really delivers a superb performance, which is pretty much what the movie hangs on.

Yes, it's a bit bizarre to have a movie where the assassination of Hitler and killing of Bigfoot - by the main character - are mere sidenotes in a slow-burn character study....

But it worked for me, I can see why it wouldn't for others, but it's genuinely a good movie and not the b-movie schlock-fest the title implies.

Reviewed by NikkiFromSiberia 10 / 10

Amazing movie filled with heart and a sense of adventure!

Ok, so fair enough, you have to suspend disbelief for a while... but once you do the characters come alive and take you along on their journey. It follows the story of Calvin Barr (Sam Eliott), a war hero who, during WW2, managed to achieve the feat of killing HItler. Now, many years later, an old man, his past seems to haunt him and push him to search for some new meaning. Many flashbacks of his young self (brilliantly played by the amazing Aidan Turner) seem to egg him on and bring about this mysterious air of melancholy that sets the atmosphere. His young love is on his mind through and through, as they share a few romantic, heartfelt moments. This movie has great soul, and is, in a way, a take on growing old, regrets and being the right person at the right and wrong time. Great cast and location. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by GODZILLA_Alpha_Predator 8 / 10

A unexpected character drama with the most cheesy plot.

This is a movie with the most campy title and premise that is more character-driven drama then guilty b-movie action entertainment. Its surprising prestige that elevates its genre setting comes a lot from Sam Elliot's performance and director Robert D. Kryzowski's focus on the emotional weight of the protagonist's journey.

Elliot carries this strange absurd premise as Calvin Barr, a retired veteran living in solitude. As the man who assassinated the titled Nazis leader in secrecy during WW2 (played by Aiden Turner as the young Calvin), he feels regret that his mission mattered very little to world while the love of his life, Maxine (Caitlin FitzGerald) had to move on herself when he returned home. When an American agent (played by Ron Livingston) asks for Calvin's skills and service to kill the titled creature to prevent it from spreading humanity-ending disease, it becomes a catalyst for Calvin to find some form of redemption to give purpose in his life. Elliot doesn't just rely on his usual charm and charisma but shows vulnerability in his character's state of mind. From moments where he breaks down into sadness when thinking about the life he could have had or being forced to inflict harm on another thing, we are shown that Calvin is not the war hero that lived a happy life but instead is this old warrior fading away into nothing more then a myth that glorifies his violent actions. And it surprisingly fits thematically when the film explores him killing Hitler and the Bigfoot (as the title says so not a complete spoiler). The two well-known figures are interpreted in ways one would not expect as Hitler's evil was more powerful and contagious then history described and Bigfoot is seen less as a classical movie monster but as this damaged being in pain much like Calvin is internally. You still get a memorable bloody fight between Calvin and the legendary creature (even if gets too silly) but by the end you feel the tragedy for both Calvin and the Bigfoot.

Outside of Elliot's performance and his character's journey, the movie does have weak aspects. When it tries to embrace its b-movie cheesy elements they feel forced and distracting to the point it hurts the serious weight the story has built. While the film doesn't spend too time much trying to justify or explain its ridiculous plot, the slow pace can feel like its dragging even near the end. Plus the music felt like it was from a 90's hallmark soap opera that didn't feel like it fit. As silly as this movie gets, I never felt it was trying to entertainment me with cheap thrills. Elliot's awards-worthy performance and its examination on the glorification of myth and history made for an engaging piece of dramatic art to analyze and appreciate. Give this movie a watch. It will certainly be a memorable and surprising experience even if gets too crazy for its own good at times.

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