The Man from Earth: Holocene


Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 3244


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Vanessa Williams as Carolyn
Sterling Knight as Philip
Michael Dorn as Dr. Parker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sunrise30 5 / 10

Could have been much better

Movie is watchable, and thats all. No compelling story, no atmopshere, music didnt fit. Students acting was hard to watch, and the ending ruined it all for me. First one wich i consider one of the best movies ever made i could watch all day and night but this one i will erase from my memory. 5 is generous

Reviewed by Alexandre Fonseca 1 / 10

Astonishingly bad

The first movie was made by and for intelligent people. Like it or not, you had to admit it was daring and clever. This one is almost unbelievably sloppy and idiotic. In terms of tone, plot, character development, lightning and photography, it feels like an amateur porn movie, which only makes it more frustrating because there is no porn, although the slutty teenager characters does put up a reasonable effort. (By the way, is that how American kids really dress, talk, think and act in real life? If so, I fear for the future.) With the exception of John Oldman/David Lee Smith, who doesn't even play the main part and has very little to say throughout the movie, all characters are shallow and hateful, and I caught myself wishing them horrible deaths within a few minutes.

In short, the director has just demolished whatever reputation he had gained from the first movie, which was indeed a small jewel. Therefore, I assume any quality we saw then was in the writing, which is sorely lacking here.

Reviewed by tszula 3 / 10


After a very interesting first movie that continously gave something to think about while watching the sequel is an uninteresting investigation story with boring student characters. This spoiled the shining of the first one. I was watching with great excitement expecting something to be formed but nothing did. And the endcredit scene was a very lame one. Such an uninteresting story. The first one is the one to watch. This one just skip.

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