The Mad Magician


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 1178


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Vincent Price as Don Gallico / Gallico the Great
Eva Gabor as Claire Ormond
Patrick O'Neal as Lt. Alan Bruce
Lyle Talbot as Program Hawker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Spikeopath 6 / 10

Tails you win, heads you lose!

The Mad Magician is directed by John Brahm and written by Crane Wilbur. It stars Vincent Price, Mary Murphy, Eva Gabor and Patrick O'Neal. Music is by Arthur Lange and Emil Newman and cinematography by Bert Glennon.

Magician Don Gallico (Price) is incensed when his attempts at stardom is scuppered by a contract he signed, so much so he takes matters in to his own hands...

One of the eras 3-D productions, The Mad Magician sees Columbia recycle Warner Brother's 1953 release of House of Wax. The familiarity of it all is impossible to shake off, with a key scene even stolen from one of director Brahm's more notable productions. Yet it's still a fun movie, watching Price turn in a good one, as he gradually gets more dastardly with each passing quarter, all set to Victorian style backgrounds.

There's some ghoulishly enjoyable macabre moments, played straight but with tongue in cheek evident, and while the scenes shot for 3-D gain obviously lose impact, they hold well enough in 2-D for story enjoyment. Performances around Price are fine, the girls (including Murphy's outstanding legs) add colour to the otherwise weak plot, and although the absence of Brahm's skilled Gothic/noir touches is a blow, the look of the piece is suitably moody.

More one for Brahm and Price completists, this is still enjoyable fare (it was a commercial hit upon release) that's worth tracking down. 6.5/10

Reviewed by bigbaf 9 / 10

An early 3D classic

This 1954 3D classic was meant as a follow up to "House of Wax" and except for not being in technicolor the opening scene is almost identical to the earlier film. Other reviewers have covered the details of the story but I just wanted to add that it recently became available in 3D on blu-ray! It's really the only way to watch this movie and I highly recommend it!

Reviewed by mmcgee282 10 / 10

In Glorious Vitascope

Way some times back .I got a very poor Anaglyph .DVD. version of mad magician,It did not pop pout ,It turned out to be a flat version recorded from American movie channel in fake3d.It was terrible.I recently got the Blu-ray 3D restored version.It was clear and sharp and the 3D was great.It was produced by the same man who produced house of wax,Bryan Foy,of the famous ,real, 7 little Foys.Vincent Price plays as mad as just like the other character in house of wax,but, he is a magician want to be and is about to try his new magic machine in his first show aided by assistant played by Mary Murphy.His greedy boss finds out and stops him forcing him to continent to work for his bosses company by creating magic machine for magicians.The boss also took his wife away ,played by Zsa Zsa Gabor ,and turned her into a gold digger.This causes Price to go on a murder rampage.Patrick O Neal plays a young detective and Mary Murphy's boy friend ,with the aid of mystery writer and very nosy,Lenita Lane, to find the murderer. Her character and her husband portrayed played by Jay Novello are the comedy relief in this film,which kind of slowed down the film from being serious.It was one of these 3D films directed by German John Brahm that he put more strongly the story rather than over dominating it with the 3D.Although just a few throw out at camera scenes where in it.I had discovered that the water coming out of the magic wand and the hand extension scenes was suppose to of been a sexual innuendo.I never thought about it .I know Columbia put out sexy posters of the film showing Mary Murphy in modern glamour shorts showing her Gams .It was technically a lot better than that bad DVD version.Seeing so many time flat on t.v. proved that it was a good horror film ,that it made it a excellent 3D feature.It also has 3D 3Stooges shorts ,but, I will blog that on their titles on IMDb.Once again twilight video puts out a limitation and don't offer it to retail .How many people who are 3d fan who don't use the computer but have 3D t.v. and 3d Blu ray player are not aware of this? Pretty sad or may be retail does not want to pay extra tax to sell this film? Very entertaining.01/15/16

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