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Brandon Auret as Dr. Timothy Reed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjsreg 5 / 10

It was brilliant - then it wasn't

I really don't know what happened with this film.

The acting was brilliant, the production was polished and very visual, and the story was going along quite nicely - until the ending.

Although the ending is understandable it is very much an anticlimax after all of the effort that has obviously gone into making this film.

it seems as though there was some kind of attempt to shock the viewer with the conclusion to what had gone before. The problem is it is mundane and not shocking at all.

Reviewed by youngmelissa-92766 10 / 10

Interesting take on postpartum psychosis

I am well aware of what postpartum psychosis is and this is a really good depiction of it. This movie is more of a psychological horror than a full on jump scare horror. The mental illness was shown very well and for that I'm glad.

Reviewed by babyjaguar 6 / 10

Afrikaans Horror: An Interesting New Genre But It Drags

Caught this film last night, it was met with much anticipation considering last year's social media buzz on its low distribution by South African cinema franchises, supposedly due to its themes. It's been blogged that the film was inspired by Afrikaans folklore but unfortunately the film never really goes there.

It's about a young mother, Chloe played by Reine Swart going through a bad case of social depression. She lives with her mother plus a newly born baby and set in South Africa (although no Black South African actors nor extras are seen). The story specifically takes place in a forest looking location; Eden Rocks, it makes one wonder if it's a reference to the recent controversial "White Christian Only" gated community called "Project Eden" (but that's in the desert area).

Anyway, what follows that Chloe has visions, or illusions of a type of boogey man (or more of a boogey woman spectre) referencing the film's opening scenes of early 1900s Dutch (?) Christians participating in ritual sacrifices. Chloe's spectre comes off looking like a flying nun whose apparitions makes her sanity worse throughout the film, but this is where the narrative drags.

Director Darrell Roodt, who has been nominated (and has received awards) for his film productions such as 1992's Sarafina. Surprising, this film's weakest points of not developing character depth by using its star power, namely Brandon Auret (from CHAPPIE fame) top billed as Dr. Reeds. This narrative had great potential to use his acting talents to raise the suspense and horror, instead of employing predictable jump scares.

Yet, the most notable aspect of "Siembamba" (known as "The Lullaby" abroad) that it's an initiative in developing more contemporary South African cinematic horror. Although its marketing has been trying to do a comparison with the Australian film "The Babadook", but this film could probably be compared to an earlier Millennial Italian horror film, "Ghost Son" by Lamberto Bava (also set in a Southern African location).

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