The Lullaby



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Brandon Auret as Dr. Timothy Reed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reyhaneh4800 1 / 10

terrible movie

Probably the worst movie I've seen in the last five years or was a complete waste of my time.the movie was advertised as a horror movie but it failed to scare me even once, it did however, gross me out beyond imagination. definitely NOT a movie to watch with your family. staring blankly at your ceiling for 90 minutes would be a better use of your time.

Reviewed by danielak-48350 1 / 10

Absolute waste of time

The movie has no story to tell and the writers don't seem to care enough about what they wrote. Most scenes are disgusting and disturbing, and cant be categorized as a horror movie at all. I wish I had read the reviews before going to watch this movie and prevented myself to suffer whole through this movie.

Reviewed by mjsreg 5 / 10

It was brilliant - then it wasn't

I really don't know what happened with this film.

The acting was brilliant, the production was polished and very visual, and the story was going along quite nicely - until the ending.

Although the ending is understandable it is very much an anticlimax after all of the effort that has obviously gone into making this film.

it seems as though there was some kind of attempt to shock the viewer with the conclusion to what had gone before. The problem is it is mundane and not shocking at all.

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