The Lover


Action / Biography / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
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Jane March as The Young Girl
Jeanne Moreau as Narrator
Melvil Poupaud as The Younger Brother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LucĂ­a Schaffer 10 / 10

A masterpiece

I have seen this movie in 1992. I was quite young, in fact I was 16 and when I heard about it something inside me make a noise. It seemed to be an amazing story, a girl of my age having a lover... I said Wow. And one afternoon I left my English class and I went to the movies. It was quite a desert. It was amazing, wonderful, marvelous, a gem. This story is well written and incredibly well performed with this exquisite Tomy Leung, an unknown actor to me at those times. The scene of the car, when Tomy Leung's finger barely touching Jane March's and the contrast with the one they are arriving to the Bording School with the grip of those hands. And her breath showing her arouse.

The love of those people who cannot break the rules of the world they were living, the prejudices, the society but that at least they could enjoy a period of exquisite love, tenderness, passion, experiences that one person could never forget. For me it is unforgettable, I have seen this movie nearly 20 times and I have recommended all of those I think they deserve a piece of joy.

Reviewed by Reza Shadpay 9 / 10

it's about Love, it's not about sex or lust

Story of this movie is about Love, it's not about sex or lust (in contrary of other movies such Lolitta). A Chinese gentleman who fall in love with a young French girl who has a poor family whom are looking only for money and getting back to the rich and aristocratic French life! (specially her mother and older brother). Chinese generous man has no job and he does nothing but loving the girl. In the movie we will see another French girl who is closed friend of the main girl (Jane March, we don't know her name in the movie), her dream and wish is to become a prostitute!, which shows us prostitution minds of French girls in compare of honest and pure love from a Chinese gentleman.

From my view, the main point of this movie is about these meanings, not about sex. I think movie tries to show us different meanings of what we think and we believes about societies, people and cultures. When we see a gentleman can not marry a French woman, because he is a Chinese!. Maybe that's why the main characters of the movie has not any name! so, it can be anyone! you, me!

Movie has many nice parts, for example: 1- when older brother is beating his sister, the younger brother who has gun, never try to stop him, but he plays piano! 2- when older brother and mother they see Chinese man's money. 3- When mother asks her daughter if she slept with Chinese man for money!

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10

good looking exotic erotica

In French colonial Indochina, a French girl (Jane March) has two older brothers, Pierre and Paul. Pierre is their mother's favorite despite being a thief and a bully. They're in fear of him. She is repatriating him to France after stealing from an opium den. The family is running out of money for him to steal. On a Mekong river crossing, the girl meets a rich jobless globetrotting playboy Chinaman (Tony Ka Fai Leung). She tells him that she's 17 despite being only 15 and a half. He gives her a ride to her boarding school and starts an erotic affair. Her friend Helene Lagonelle is the only other white girl in the school.

This is a solid example of the sub-genre of exotic erotica. It's got beautiful naked people but it's not quite overt softcore porn. It's more cinematic than the classic Emmanuelle or other pornographic B-movies. The exotic locations look beautiful. It is visually stunning. The acting is competent. These are actual actors. On the other hand, the story is paper thin. The plot isn't much to talk about but that may be besides the point.

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