The Lost World


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Jill St. John as Jennifer Holmes
David Hedison as Ed Malone
Claude Rains as Prof. George Edward Challenger
Richard Haydn as Prof. Summerlee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 4 / 10

Jill St. John was completely wasted....

The incredibly cranky Professor Challenger (Claude Rains) thinks that there is an oasis of primordial creatures living in the Amazonian basin. But a lot of folks think he's he works on an expedition to prove he is right. Ultimately, the do come upon such an oasis...a land filled with both dinosaurs AND unfriendly natives. Can they make it out alive AND with proof that the professor isn't a complete crackpot?

The film uses alligators and lizards all painted up and given prosthetics to make them look 'dinosaury'. It's not at all convincing and was VERY troubling when the crew had two of these critters tear each other apart for the amusement of the audiences! Believe it or not, the silent version of this movie had better dinosaurs!!

Jill St. John was one of the most beautiful actresses of her time...there's no doubt about that. But, sadly, she is totally wasted in this film due to some very bad writing when it comes to her part. Jenny is supposed to be a very strong-minded who forces her way into a dangerous expedition. She is a very emancipated woman...yet, when danger rears its ugly head, Jenny spends most of her time crying and screaming! Not a great feminist sort of character, that's for sure! Fortunately, Costa (Jay Novello) is even more pusillanimous than she is...and both characters are really annoying. If these two characters sound annoying and poorly written, pretty much the same can be said for most of the others. Their actions and motivations OFTEN make no if the script was the least important part of this movie!

Overall, you have a silly adventure film...not completely terrible but one that should have been better.

Reviewed by JEFJR 3 / 10


I just watched this for the first time last night. It's interesting that several reviews her express the notion that "Jill St John starts off feisty, then regresses to a simpering mess."

That also describes her character in "Diamonds are Forever" exactly!

Also, if the point of going there was to verify the professor's claims of seeing dinosaurs on an earlier trip, why do they set their helicopter DOWN ON THE GROUND in the jungle, without more extensive aerial surveying of the limited-area jungle plateau first? Soon after they land, (and scatter from their only means of escape (the helicopter)) the dinosaur attacks (you don't say?) and crushes their chopper. (I could have predicted that before they left London!)

I'll give it a 3 - for eye-candy reasons only.

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 8 / 10

Fright with a smile on its face!

Producer: Irwin Allen. An Irwin Allen Production. Copyright 1960 by 20th Century-Fox Film Corp. New York opening at the Warner: 13 July 1960. U.S. release: July 1960. U.K. release: 28 August 1960. Australian release: December 1960. 97 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: Zoology Professor George Edward Challenger (Claude Rains) flies home to London from South America to announce he has discovered a "lost world" where Jurassic monsters from 150,000,000 B.C. still roam. His claim is doubted by members of the Zoological Institute, so he offers to lead an expedition back to the area. Those who accompany Challenger on his next exploration are Lord Roxton (Michael Rennie), a playboy and big game hunter; Jennifer Holmes (Jill St John), daughter of the American newspaper executive who finances this venture; David Holmes (Ray Stricklyn), Jennifer's brother; Ed Malone (David Hedison), American newsman and photographer; and Professor Walter Summerlee (Richard Haydn), a scientist who has long been critical of Challenger.

When the party arrives at a remote trading post on the Amazon, two others join the expedition — Gomez (Fernando Lamas), who pilots the helicopter to the plateau where the "lost world" exists, and Costa (Jay Novello), a jungle travel agent and guide. Gomez, who notices everything while he plays his guitar and sings, realizes that Jennifer is very interested in Lord Roxton, but Roxton isn't serious about Jennifer.

Gomez lands the helicopter beside a cliff, atop the "lost world". This is a land of strange vegetation, of intertwining vines, of contorted trees and bizarre colors.

NOTES: "The Lost World" was first filmed by First National in 1925. It was directed by Harry Hoyt and starred Lewis Stone, Bessie Love and Wallace Beery. In the earlier film the adventurers returned to London with the baby dinosaur which later terrorized the city.

COMMENT: After carping about "Journey to the Center of the Earth", a lot of critics then had the audacity to compare this movie unfavorably. I found both equally enjoyable. Neither is meant to be taken seriously so far as plot and characters are concerned, but both have wonderful sets and effects which are ideally suited to and look absolutely great in CinemaScope.

I especially liked Claude Rains as the larger-than-life Challenger, Michael Rennie as the steadfast hero, Richard Haydn the ideal Summerlee, and Jill St John the appealingly comic-stripped heroine.

OTHER VIEWS: Pleasingly chipper... refuses to take itself too seriously... fright with a smile on its face. — Paul V. Beckley in the N.Y. Herald Tribune.

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