The Lookout


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 87%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Chris Pratt
Carla Gugino as Janet
Isla Fisher as Luvlee
Matthew Goode as Gary Spargo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NateWatchesCoolMovies 9 / 10

Darkly brilliant

Scott Frank's The Lookout is a film where every turn of plot, exchange of dialogue, set piece and stylistic choice just seems to mesh flawlessly, resulting in a package that's nearly as perfect as you can get. Part psychological character study, part crime thriller, sewn together lovingly by threads of brilliantly written, intelligent interpersonal drama that seems lived in, the writer never uses the pen to pander nor patronize, but provides well drawn, realistic human beings who sound like actual people and not archetypes dwelling within the pages, never fully realized. Joseph Gordon Levitt plays Chris Pratt (not actual Chris Pratt lol) a young hotshot who becomes the victim of his own cocky, self destructive behaviour. After a horrific car accident that was entirely his fault, his girlfriend is left maimed and he a busted up shell of his former self, saddled with bushels of brain damage and the inability to cohesively live his day to day life the way he did before. It's some sort of synapse frying neurological scarring that's never fully explained, but the symptoms are clearly and fascinatingly outlined in a way that no other film has really tried before. He's left somewhat adrift in life, naively attracted to his foxy psychiatrist (Carla Gugino), misunderstood by his parents (Bruce McGill & Alberta Watson), and cared for by his eccentric, blind and motor-mouthed roommate (Jeff Daniels, a standout as always). He happens to be from a small midwestern town though, and in movie land these burgs are almost always filled with schemes, heists, double crosses and feed store robberies. 'Bro seduced' by an equally suave and shady dude (Matthew Goode, whose work here lives up to that surname and then some), Chris is shanghaied into assisting in the hold up of the very bank he works at, and soon the kind of hell that would make the Coen brothers applaud breaks loose. Everything makes sense though, the jigsaw pieces of the narrative nestling flush against one another, not a beat feeling out of place or in danger of derailing the whole thing. That's not the easiest thing to achieve, especially in a taught running time that clocks in under two hours and still manages to feel substantial. Levitt is terrific, a guy who used to be in control, used to be revered as the alpha who takes care of things, his condition worsened by the knowledge that people know full well how broken he is. The stakes are inherently high when someone that set back by life must navigate their way through the complex ins and outs of pulling off a bank heist. One hell of a film.

Reviewed by Saj 3 / 10

No no no.... Yawwwn

Dull and dreary. Go watch your sink, full of dishwater, way more entertaining. Go watch a dull grey view from the window, way more entertaining. Watch a tap run, way more entertaining. By now you should be able to catch my drift. Such a flat, boring, pointless movie. Why did such good actors do it? Beggars belief.

Reviewed by matt-levett 4 / 10

Memento wannabe

Its not the worst I've seen by a mile but really?! The performances are solid....that cannot be knocked and a whole credit to the casting crew.

Its just....the crash is crap and the follow up is even worse.

The temperal lobe issue is not looked at properly and the characters are very rarely looked into.

Its an OK watch if you have the footie on but really? Neighbours has better story lines.

And I have to say a few more lines apparenty so why not watch Memento instead and enjoy some hot pizza whilst doing so!

Is that enough IMDb?!

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