The Longest Day


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Sean Connery as Pvt. Flanagan
John Wayne as Lt. Col. Benjamin Vandervoort
Robert Wagner as U.S. Army Ranger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 8 / 10

Spectacular recounting about the D-Day landings at Normandy on June 6, 1944, based on Cornelius Ryan novel

This an important, interesting movie depicting the Overlord operation with monumental logistics and means of effecting the Normandy landing, the most difficult campaign of war. The picture brings to life the famous images of WWII and splendidly the most sensational military operation of the history in an Allied hard-fought effort. The film develops the previous days to the D-Day invasion ,such as the landings and the advance over France. The film is magnificently produced with big budget by the great 20th century Fox producer Darryl F Zanuck. Evocative cinematography by Jean Bourgoun and catching song by Paul Anka with musical score by Maurice Jarre. Excellent casting by plethora stars. Special mention to John Wayne as Lt. Colonel Benjamin Vandervoort , he's top-notch as tough,valiant officer in this believable war film and terrific acting by Richard Todd as Major commanding Us paratroopers dropped to protect the flanks of the invasion and taking strategic bridge. Furthermore known Generals and officers played by prestigious players, as Germans: General Gunther(Curt Jurgens),Field Marshal Erwin Rommel(Hinz), Field Marshal Von Rundstedt(Paul Hartmann), and Allied : Brig. General Theodore Roosevelt Jr(Henry Fonda),Brig. General Norman Cota(Robert Mitchum), General Haines(Mel Ferrer), Brig. General James Gavin(Robert Ryan), General Raymond Barton(Edmond O'Brien), Lt General OMar N Bradley(Stuart), General Bernard L Montgomery(T. Reid) and General Dwight D Eisenhower played by Henry Grace. Grace was a famed set designer , while he worked extensively for many films ,his only appearance was an uncredited performance as Eisenhower ; despite not being an actor , he was cast for his uncanny resemblance to the General. This famous event from how was orchestrated the dangerous,risky landings maneuvers is professionally directed by trio of directors, Ken Annakin, Bernhard Wicki and Andrew Marton.

Adding more details along with the well developed on the movie, the events were happened of the following manner : Shortly after midnight on June 6, about 23.500 US and British paratroopers landed along the edges of the landing beaches. Their mission was to seize vital bridges and communications centers. They also had to hold off any Germans counterattacks until they were relieved by the amphibious forces. The Airbone landings were largely successful. Some US troops missed their target and end up scattered over the countryside. The main amphibious landings took place after an artillery bombardment from some 200 Allied warships at German positions also came under attack from Allied medium and heavy bombers. They were part of the 11,500 aircraft committed to D-Day. They bombed the Germans on and behind the five landing beaches. US troops landed on Utah beach. Strong currents and inaccurate navigation meant that they were a little away from their precise target. They landed about 1 mile(1,6 km) south. The beach there was relatively undefended. The troops soon knocked out the only concrete gun position guarding the beach.Demolitions teams cleared paths through the obstacles the beach and the first tanks crossed the Atlantic Wall. They fanned out into the countryside to link up with the paratroopers. By nightfall of D-Day some 23,000 men and 1,700 vehicles had gone ashore. The beach had been highly congested for much of the day. Utah was a triumph ,however Omaha beach was nearly a disaster, the fight was the most difficult. The Us troops were unable to get off the beach to make room for later waves of invaders. There were better defenses there than on the other beaches, and the German defenders were positioned on high ground, from where they could pour fire down on the attackers.The allies also made mistakes. The naval bombardment ended too soon, and the bombers missed their targets and launched landing crafts and amphibious tanks too far out from the beach, may were sunk. When the first assault wave landed ,it faced a bar-rage of fire , some men were thinking of evacuation. However small groups began to make it off the beach to the high ground beyond. By dusk, some men were ashore, most were still crowed on the beach. The high ground beyond was only thinly held by exhausted survivors waves. Some 2300 US troops had been killed in the landings. The operation had come close to disaster. The three Anglo-Canadian beaches-Gold, Sword and Juno stretched fore some 25 miles. They were wide and open and ideal for amphibious landings. The British on Gold and Sword quickly crashed though the Atlantic wall. Their success was due partly to a range of specially developed armored vehicles known as Funnies. The Canadians at Juno had a tougher time. They faced rough seas and alert defenders .By late morning ,they were also pushing inland. Despite the horror of beaches , overall Allied losses were far lower than expected. Some 6000 US personnel were killed, wounded, or missing, along with 4300 British and Canadian troops. German losses totaled between 4000 and 8000. By the day's end ,some 128000 Allied soldiers were ashore and many more were on their way.

Reviewed by Wuchak 6 / 10

The Allies invade FranceĀ… while Hitler sleeps

RELEASED IN 1962 and directed by several directors, "The Longest Day" chronicles the Normandy invasion by the Allies on June 6, 1944, known as D-Day when American, British and Canadian forces boldly landed on five beaches over a fifty-mile stretch.

What's interesting about this classic war flick is that they used Americans to play Americans, Brits to play Brits, Germans to play Germans and French to play French. In addition, each of the segments was shot by five different directors, including the parachuting episodes.

The all-star cast includes luminaries like John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Richard Burton, Robert Ryan, Eddie Albert, Henry Fonda, Red Buttons, Sean Connery, Jeffrey Hunter, Steve Forrest and Roddy McDowall. Furthermore, the opening military percussion-oriented score is superlative. The movie saves the compelling invasion of the Normandy beaches for the last act (unlike the mawkish "Saving Private Ryan," which starts with it).

Unfortunately, the movie loses points for the B&W photography, which is inexplicable for such an all-star early 60's blockbuster. There are also some hackneyed or awkward parts, like the scene where a ravishing French woman & her bicycle suddenly appear at the railroad tracks by two skeptical German soldiers. Why Sure! Another arguable problem is that the ambitious scope of the film prevents the story from focusing on any one group of notable characters, which make the proceedings seem like a thrilling docudrama rather than a gripping action/drama.

Nonetheless, "The Longest Day" is a must to catch a glimpse of what it was like on D-Day on several fronts, not to mention you get to see the proverbial big picture.

THE MOVIE RUNS 2 minutes shy of 3 hours; and was shot in France. WRITERS: Cornelius Ryan with additions by several others.


Reviewed by Ian 9 / 10

Granular Chronology of D-Day

(Flash Review)

Many WWII films hone in on the Omaha Beach invasion. Certainly important, heroic and frightening yet this film touches on each aspect leading up to and during the D-Day attack including of course the Omaha Beach invasion. The movie goes into interesting detail on the planning, strategy and decisions that went into the battle not only from the American's side but Germany and occasionally other countries. It was fascinating to hear the behind the scenes thinking from various high ranking officials for how and why certain decisions were made. As the film enters the battles, it reminds me of A Thin Red Line as you get a peek into a complete assortment of scenarios from big to small and the emotional perspectives of those involved; from a paratrooper stuck high up on a bell tower to residents of a cottage in the battle zone to German officials afraid to awaken a sleeping Hitler. The pacing was stellar as this is a 3 hour war epic shot in rich black & white, thus their approach of including an assortment of scenes shot with stunning cinematography (won Oscar for cinematography) helped this epic feel lightweight. Sean Connery even makes an appearance as a jovial soldier with his James Bond smirk. Getting warmed up for Dr. No as he starred in that immediately after. This is a high quality war film with impressive effects with an engrossing screenplay.

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