The Little Rascals


Action / Comedy / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 38615


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Lea Thompson as Ms. Roberts
Daryl Hannah as Miss Crabtree
Elizabeth Daily as Froggy
Mary-Kate Olsen as Twin #2
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10

I wish they hadn't bothered

An attempt to replicate the success of the 1920s - 1940s film series for modern audiences, THE LITTLE RASCALS is a lamentable enterprise which has completely the wrong look and tone. I admit freely that I didn't laugh a single time. This is merely a badly-acted, over the top production that utilises stupid special effects and child actors with little to no discernable talent. All of the warmth and charisma of the original stars is missing in these cheap imitators. The plot is merely a string of gags ripped off from the original short films, none of which are funny. I suppose most people will only be interested in it today for the Donald Trump cameo. It's a good example of everything that was wrong with 1990s-era Hollywood comedy.

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv 6 / 10

Little Rascals is indeed charming, but don't kid yourself, this movie is heavily flaw, as well. Still, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. I like it.

In the 1990s, it seems like every major movie studio in Hollywood, was making remakes of classic adventures TV shows about neighborhood kids from mid-1930s to the late 1960s. Some of them, were minor hits; others were horrible retellings like 1993's 'Dennis the Menace'. However, the majority of them, fall between all-time best great & super awful. 1994's 'Little Rascals' is one, such mediocre film. The movie directed by Penelope Spheeris was a little too bog down on nostalgia; that it felt like a series of various sketches, oddly cobbled together, in a paper-thin set up about Spanky McFarland (Travis Tedford) trying to sabotage, one of his members, Alfalfa Switzer (Bug Hall)'s relationship with Darla Hood (Brittany Ashton Holmes), in order to get him, focus back on track, on winning the local go-cart derby race. It just doesn't mesh well. Plus, all of the sketches really does slow the pacing of the movie, down. A good example is all the scenes of the gang trying to make money, in order to rebuild their burn down clubhouse like the bank & freak-show scenes. None of those sequences were really that funny, nor makes any of much sense with the main plot; seeing how the gang have enough material to build another go-cart, yet not enough for a clubhouse. Honestly, the driving force of the plot could had been simple down to the idea, that the race had a prize money, all-along. It would save the movie, a lot of time. Also, as much as I love the ballet & soap singing scenes, those moments weren't really needed. It does feel a bit forced. It could had been cut, if Universal really wanted it, like they did with their VHS & DVD releases; when it came down to other scenes. Many of these versions, are so unlike the original movie, we saw in theaters. However, most of them, works better in watchable. Don't get me wrong, I do like seeing the familiar of sight gags and slapstick situations, taken straight from the original series of comedy short films produced by Hal Roach from 1922 to 1944, even if its bit sexism & anti-homosexual. However, I do wish they add more uniqueness with them. Some of the humor seem a bit repetitive, recycled & outdated. Even, when they did try something new, like updating the source material to a modern setting background. It still came across as somewhat jarring, because how the children is dressed in 1930s style of clothing. If anything, the movie should had, kept the 1930s settlings, just add new jokes to counteract, scenes, mirroring shorts like 1937's 'Hearts are Thumps & 1939's 'Auto Antics'. Furthermore, the movie should add more scenes of the children acting like themselves, rather than imitating adult. Lots of the big wordy dialogue given here, sounds so unnatural, coming from the mouth of a small child. I kinda wish, the movie gave them, simpler sentences to speak. This film really lacks the raw nuances of child performers acting like real children. Nevertheless, not all things, about this film, were bad. I do like how the cast is more integrated and less racist than the original. Also, the main actors were not that bad. Bug Hall & Travis Tedford were born for these roles. There are also some great cameos from Reba McEntire, Mel Brooks, and Lea Thompson to name a few. Even the sight of future president, Donald Trump wasn't that bad. Nevertheless, I would love to see, more cameos from past 'Little Rascals' alumnus, like Jackie Cooper, Eugene Jackson & Robert Blake in minor roles in this film. Sadly, this movie was lacking some of those. However, the movie makes it up with action set pieces with great stunt work. The Go-Kart race was somewhat compelling to watch, even if it's a bit over the top. Also, the soundtrack by composer, William Ross that goes with it, and most of the movie, really does seem like it came from yesteryear. It's beautiful to listen to. In short, while, 1994's 'Little Rascals' will never outdo the original short films from the 1930s/1940s. It does beat 1936's 'General Spanky' & 2014's 'The Little Rascals Save the Day' in being a better 'Our Gang' film. Overall: Watching a kid movie like this is like watching a blender without a lid. It's messy, but it's cool to witness. I highly recommended seeing the film. I kid you not.

Reviewed by stormhawk2018 7 / 10

Not a greatest movie, but entertains

I liked the film "The Little Rascals" since I watched for first time in TV, long ago, in the late 90's. It would be years before I saw it again but I like it even more now.

The film did not receive positive reviews and most considered it to be an average movie at the most, but in my opinion the film is above average. The film has a very 'cuteness' feel to it. You have children acting as if they were adults and actual adults rarely appear in the film or have a small contribution to the plot. It's entertaining to watch the romantic relationship between Alfalfa and Darla. It made me warm and tingly inside! I won't spoil the movie for you, but if you haven't seen this classic, do check it out.

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