The Light Between Oceans


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 59%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 40397


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Alicia Vikander as Isabel Graysmark
Rachel Weisz as Hannah Roennfeldt
Michael Fassbender as Tom Sherbourne
Bryan Brown as Septimus Potts
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nitinarora-91451 10 / 10

Tom showed what life is all about.That is to be courageous and calm in the worst emotional situtations.

I really loved the entire story. It touched my heart.

The main character Tom showed what is life all about. The moment he came to know about the truth of whom the child belong to, he immediately responded in his best capable ways even in such an emotionally difficult situation. That needs lot of courage.

Definetly life of Tom and his wife was worse in the sense they have to go through all this. They were put into helpless situations. Definetly rest of their lives they were living through immense pain and could never have a happy time. It looks like bad things happened to good people.

Definetly God wanted that child to be given protection and safely sent back to the original mother. Only a couple like Tom and his wife were capable of that. God knowing their greatness he arranged them to be there at that time. And at the end the child was very grateful for that. Definelty God will be himself obliged and grateful to Tom and his wife for all their thankless life to become an instrument in the ultimate plan of the Lord. Only for such persons to whom God becomes sold out.

Reviewed by mefisto222 9 / 10

One of the best dramas I have ever seen - worthy every second

I am not writing movie review much, however, I could not resist after watching this masterpiece. This movie is undoubtedly one of the best dramas I have ever seen and comparable with some big shots like Philadelphia, Schindler's List or Crash. Frankly, I am surprised that the movie was omitted at Academy Awards and Golden Globes. Why nine stars? 3 stars for the cast: The cast is simply great and led by strong performance of Michael Fassbender (one of the best male actor of his age) as an introvert yet very sensitive and upright WWI veteran, followed by Alicia Vikander bringing all range of the femine emotions on the screen from a naive local beauty up to an emotionally destroyed mother (Academy Award worthy) and finally strong performance delivered by Rachel Weisz as loving and forgiving mother. In particular, the chemistry between Fassbender and Vikander is absolutely powerful in portraying of a lovely couple. No wonder :-) 3 stars for the story: The story attracts you from very first moment and is underlined by great casting and cinematography. Every seconds counts and you wish the movie is running longer. You really feel the ethical conflicts of the characters and questioning your own attitude in such matters. These conflicts are very realistic and not pathetic at all. 3 start for movie-making (cinematography, music, etc.): The Light Between Oceans is also very intense because of the very powerful cinematography and music. You really feel a salty cold wind in your face :-) Where is one star missing? Frankly, I wish we would have experienced more about the period between the time in jail and Isabel's death. It would be interesting to follow their romance. Despite this fact, the movie is amazing and worthy every second. Quite rare feeling nowadays.

Reviewed by dothraqi 10 / 10

The most beautiful story I have ever seen.

The movie starts with little emotion and as the movie progressive it takes you to realm of emotions, it makes you feel the story and makes it very hard not to cry. The movie was brilliant and beautiful worth every tear I must say.

This movie takes up a space in your heart and even after it finishes it stays there. A must watch indeed.

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