The Left Hand of God



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Humphrey Bogart as James 'Jim' Carmody
Gene Tierney as Anne 'Scotty' Scott
Agnes Moorehead as Beryl Sigman
E.G. Marshall as Dr. David Sigman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paddymaxwell 9 / 10

left hand of god

I thought this movie was characteristic of the movies made after the 2nd world war, where goodness overcomes evil, Hitler versus the Allies. The simple faith portrayed by the Chinese villagers and the belief in the Christian church where they and the audience knew that god would triumph in the end was charming and a little naive. Humphrey Bogart played a masterly performance using his considerable acting skills to portray the phony priest who is overtaken by the situation he finds himself in and redeems himself by selflessly offering his freedom to save the villages and mission. A strong cast of experienced actors along with the Chinese cast worked extremely well in this movie. If you are a catholic it is everything we want from our church. Simple honest faith, alongside men of conviction who believe without a doubt that Christ would and could intervene if he were asked. This film is a testament to Bogart's enormous charisma and plain speaking charm.

Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10

Bogie as a missionary in China

Humphrey Bogart experiences "The Left Hand of God" in this 1955 film also starring Gene Tierney, Lee J. Cobb, Agnes Moorhead and Lee J. Cobb. Bogart is Father O'Shea, who arrives at a mission in China to take over religious duties. The casting of Bogart should tell you something right away. While there, he wins the hearts of the people and that of a beautiful nurse (Tierney) who is a widow and, being a strong Catholic, finds her emotions unsettling. Father O has a relationship with a Chinese warlord, and now the village seems in danger. Can he save it? There's not a tremendous amount of action in this film, but the wonderful cast keeps us interested. Always a surprising actor, Bogart has a way with touching moments, such as receiving a blessing from the oldest man in the village. In 1955, Gene Tierney was still a young and beautiful woman, but for some reason, around 1950, she adopted a short, matronly haircut that I for one never found flattering. She's lovely in this as a lonely widow. Moorhead and Marshall give strong performances as the doctor and his wife. Lee J. Cobb is good, but seen today, his Chinese makeup is distracting.

Mildly interesting.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10

Worth seeing only for Humphrey Bogart

The film begins with priest, Humphrey Bogart, trekking through the wilds of China until he arrives at a mission eagerly awaiting him. It seems the mission in pre-revolution China has been without a priest for some time and the people are ecstatic to see him.

Now if you are thinking to yourself that there's no way Bogart seems like a priest, then you are much more astute than the Chinese and you have guessed the plot. It seems that Bogey is NOT a priest but is posing as one in order to escape the clutches of a Chinese warlord (played ridiculously by Lee J. Cobb who seems more like Mr. Clean than a Chinese person).

While the whole plot is pretty silly and the film is a very light-weight drama, it IS still worth seeing. Why? Well, in a word "Bogart". Even with silly fluff like this, his presence makes the film watchable and even quite entertaining--provided you don't think too much about the silly plot or Cobb's Brooklyn accent!

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