The Laws of Thermodynamics



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aktham Tashtush 7 / 10

Nice movie ,, new style of comedy

The movie is really good ,, had a new style of Montage and apparently the directing popped by Mateo Gil, which is a renowned figure in modern Spanish cinema.

The plot was strong,, connected,, but here's where i had an issue ,, the comedy itself was not that recognizable ,, i mean the genre of the movie is /or reflecting as 70% comedy and 30% romance ,, and to be honest the comedy wasn't that great .. though "as a physicist myself" , i really loved the parts where they bring people speak about physics and thermodynamics laws and then apply it into real life ,, that was a nice touch.

the cast was good ,, not wow .. Vito Sanz is actually funny ,, wanted to see more of Chino DarĂ­n (Pablo) he could've raise up the comedy level if he had more lines.

Overall, the movie is good ,, least to say ,Interesting .. so it is recommended.

Reviewed by bjpafa 9 / 10

Laugh at destiny

It's funny, educational, smart but not pompous. Includes outside Catalonia locations. Charming characters, once thermodynamicaly balanced. On the shoulders of giants, have a good laugh at life, love, and destiny and free will.

Reviewed by radukuts 10 / 10


I don't know how the script was written but man, it is absolutely genial!!! 10/10 Not to mention if you watch it with 420 on board, amazing!

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