The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 3764


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Vanessa Redgrave as Rosalind Leigh
Charlotte Sullivan as Anna / Radio Announcer
Julian Richings as Rahn Brothers / Neither Man Nor Woman / Bill Phillips
Aaron Poole as Leon Leigh / Surveillance Expert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mwood91 10 / 10


For the true horror lover who sifts through piles of gore and mediocre efforts to find those hidden gems, THIS IS ONE.

It is arguably my favorite movie, forget genre.

Such a beautifully told story with an inconceivable meaning and plot. So original. It is a piece of art next to other movies, such as The Conjuring, which are good in their own right, but rely on jump scares which pale in comparison to truly terrifying moments of drawn out suspense and fright of the utterly unknown.

It is a study in how to use computer effects subtly, so that they are not recognizable as fake occurrences.

So memorable. So many moments of awesome.....

Reviewed by TheBlueHairedLawyer 8 / 10

A Slow-Burning Echo to the Past

Horror film fans who are expecting gratuitous violence, blood and guts are not going to enjoy this film. It's more melancholic and nostalgic than scary, it's quite a long and quiet film, it has no on-screen murder or death and it features religion in a bad light. Now, if you're an unabashed pretentious hipster with an affinity for art, Canadian filmmaking and Gothic revival scenery like I am, you'll absolutely go crazy about this one.

Aaron Poole plays a grieving son who never really felt much admiration for his mother (played with chilling elegance by Vanessa Redgrave), as she traumatized him throughout his childhood unintentionally with a strict religious upbringing. Much of the film is taken up by the exploration of the Leigh Estate, and the work that went into this is absolutely to die for, from the beautiful rainbow stained glass to the vintage Catholic memorabilia. The director is meticulous in his work and leaves no corner or shadow without something eerie residing there. The Leigh Estate itself is stunning (is it a real house? I want to see it in person!), but it's not at the heart of this film. It becomes revealed that Rosalind's devout religion drove her further from her son rather than bonding them closer. Out of loneliness and isolation she commits suicide. We get brief glimpses into her past, which could be interpreted in numerous ways; ultimately it seems to be that Rosalind and her late husband became involved in a peculiar cult run by the quite creepy Rahn Brothers (both played by Julian Richings, my favourite actor! He was 'Death' on Supernatural and Yuri in Patch Town). The Rahn Brothers appear to have possibly been involved with the husband's death on a bridge although this is never clarified much further. Tension begins to build in subtle ways as it goes along, but it's the psychological sadness in the story that resounds a lot longer than the "horror" does.

This film is quite odd and not for everyone; some viewers are going to find it terribly boring and others will appreciate the effort put into it. Either way it's not just a film, but also a puzzle. It's the tiny artistic details that really make it shine. The mirror effect with the Rahn Brothers to create a visual of two people instead of one is very impressive, as is the collection of many angel statues and figurines that were gathered before filming took place. The soundtrack wasn't memorable but it was enjoyable anyway. Personally it all had me thinking back to films like 'Don't Look Now' (1973) and 'Alice Sweet Alice' (1976). Real issues lie beneath the fiction, in this case the suggestion that we should not force our beliefs onto our own children, and that grief is not an illness or something to hide from, but rather a connection to the dearly departed. Maybe I just miss that classic style of horror from before the era of cheap slasher pictures and found-footage, but I fell in love with this story and its presentation completely, and it's definitely something that I would watch again, especially in case I missed any small details. The filmmakers have a habit of hiding tiny things within scenes and creating something elaborately decadent and mysterious.

Reviewed by Cynthia Sarob 4 / 10

Avoid it

I was disappointed and expected more. It covers the religious occult topic and adds some frights.

Not very scary and low budget.

The animation of the creature could have been better in 2016. Reminds me of a computer game animation.

The good bit is the voice of Vanessa Redgrave.

Storyline is good but it misses something.

I stopped watching this after 50 mins because I got bored.

The acting is OK but the setting appears to be quite limited but it has its moments to be fair.

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