The Last Sect


Horror / Thriller

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David Carradine as Van Helsing
Natalie Brown as Sydney
Julian Richings as Karpov
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wrlang 6 / 10

vamps on camera

The Last Sect is about a group of female vampires that have been roaming the earth for some time, the last vampire sect in existence. Sydney is an artist that gets drawn into the sect by Anastasia, the head vampire, who sees in Sydney the future of the sect. Carradine plays the vampire hunter Van Helsing who tries to stop the sect before it can indoctrinate Sydney. The vampires have a website that transmits live feeds of the vamps biting a helpless male trussed up on a table. People pay to get extras and give their name, address, and blood type of course. Some lesbian soft porn and some soft bondage. Slow moving most of the way through, but some pretty good surrealistic scenes.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 3 / 10

Boring Vampire Movie

The journalist Sydney St. James (Natalie Brown) is writing an article for the magazine where she works about the on-line dating agency Artemis that is specialized in women. She schedules an interview with the owner of Artemis, Anna (Deborah Odell), and she visits the mysterious woman with her photographer Sam (Sebastien Roberts), who is fascinated by a site called Vampire Web. Sidney feels a great attraction for Anna, who is actually an ancient vampire called Anastasia. Meanwhile the vampire hunter Dr. Abraham Van Helsing (David Carradine) is advised by his assistant Tone (Jordan Van Dyck) about the correlation between Artemis and the Vampire Web, and Van Helsing explains that in every turn of millennium, the vampire sect needs to regenerate, using a woman for this purpose. Van Helsing calls his partner Karpov (Julian Richings) and together they go to Artemis to fight against Anastasia and her sect.

I bought this DVD first because I love vampire movies; then the art of the cover of the DVD is extremely attractive; and last but not the least, the name of David Carradine in the credits is a plus. Yesterday night, my wife and I tried to watch this movie but we took many naps so boring it was, and in the end of about 45 minutes running time, we decided to stop "The Last Sect" and watch another one. Today in the end of the afternoon, I have decided to watch this movie again from the very beginning (my wife simply gave up), and I could prove that it is one of the worst vampire movies I have ever seen. The story has a terrible screenplay that develops the plot in a very low pace in three or four locations without the atmosphere of a vampire movie. David Carradine seems to be bored with his lines and the weird Jordan Van Dyck, whose character seems to be a gay living with Dr. Van Helsing but never his assistant. The story has no horror, no tension, no suspense, only some lesbian daydreams and Internet footages with the classic vampires. The lead actresses (Natalie Brown and Deborah Odell) are sexy and gorgeous, but even their sex scenes are boring. In the end, "The Last Sect" is recommended for insomniacs and more effective than sleeping pills. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "A Ăšltima Seita" ("The Last Sect")

Reviewed by iipigbear 2 / 10

Slow,dead slow semi-erotic vampire movie

This movie is one of the slowest movies I have ever seen. The plot ( that ain't that good ) unfolds in a very slow tempo. Also the director decided to include countless semi-erotic dream sequences that slows down the plot even more. This is a vampire movie, and the best part of The Last Sect is that the vampire "feeling" is there at least the sensual part of it. Vampires are sexy,blood drinking and apparently lesbian dangers that trick young men into being eaten. It feels a bit like if the manuscript was 4 pages long and written for a 30min TV-episode, but then along the way someone decided to make a full length movie out of it. If this was a 30 min Buffy the vampire slayer episode I might have enjoyed it, but now, it's just sad.

Bad, bad, bad

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