The Last Rescue


Action / Drama / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 1007


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Ryan Merriman as Paratrooper Griggs
Gilles Marini as Bruno Travert
Brett Cullen as Captain Beckett
Cody Kasch as Pvt. James Lewis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dpeddicord2 3 / 10

Low Budget - Low Results

General Dwight Eisenhower was 54 years old in 1944, yet the Captain in this is 59. Sure, he doesn't look it but come on, you couldn't find an age-appropriate actor to play the captain?

As others have pointed out, the scenery is wrong, the uniforms are wrong, the armor is wrong.

Reviewed by phd_travel 5 / 10

Starts off okay then turns into an unintional comedy

If you accept this as a so bad it's almost good kind of B movie then you may enjoy this low budget war movie. When the hero is the creepy kid from Desperate Housewives you know it can't be too serious a movie.

First of all they couldn't even bother with an authentic looking country farmhouse in France. The white wooden house looks straight from the deep South.

At first it was quite novel seeing women in a post D Day scenario - how often do you see that on screen. The actresses are a little too well groomed and unconvincing. They look out of place.

There are many times when you just want to shout shoot him or just let him or her die they are so stupid. There is a ridiculous hand to hand boxing match that is just hilarious. The eventual nerd to Rambo situation is almost laugh out loud funny.

Watch it as a comedy.

Reviewed by docmej-62751 1 / 10

Very bad

I am a Vietnam era vet that loves WWII movies. This is as bad as it gets. There were no WACs serving in Northern France in the fall of 1944. The women had very inappropriate hair styles. There were no German vehicles in the movie. Some of the men had long hair. The weapons were wrong. Horrible.

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