The Last of Robin Hood


Action / Biography / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
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Dakota Fanning as Beverly Aadland
Susan Sarandon as Florence Aadland
Kevin Kline as Errol Flynn
Max Casella as Stanley Kubrick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by merglehaggard 2 / 10

Kline didn't "de-Kline" this one, however...

...a great screenplay and cast's efforts were shredded by Susan Sarandon's pathetic portrayal of Beverly's mother. Sarandon just "phoned" this one in and simply recited the lines.

Kevin Kline, on the other hand, was marvelous. He recreated the "In Like Flynn" image to a tee.

Too bad.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 5 / 10

Footnote-affair in the life of movie star Errol Flynn...

Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland co-wrote and co-directed this exceedingly thin dramatization of the last two years of Errol Flynn's life, from 1957 to 1959. Flynn, notorious ladies' man and faded matinée idol, picks up a pretty chorus girl on the movie lot under the pretense that she audition for him privately--unaware that she is just 15. The girl's mother is skeptical of their ensuing relationship, but eventually consents under the promise that Flynn use his connections to help further her daughter's show business career. As the underage Beverly Aadland, baby-faced Dakota Fanning doesn't have the knowing sexuality needed for the role, but Kevin Kline as Flynn is marvelous. Though essentially too old to play Flynn, who died at the age of 50, Kline nevertheless jumps into the part with verve; he has Flynn's gentlemanly cadence down right and he's in terrific shape. Susan Sarandon as Beverly's mother (and the twosome's 'chaperone' in public) is also fine, though she doesn't have much to work with. At 90 minutes, the film feels lengthy, with a colorless epilogue after Flynn has died and a final coda which isn't as heart-rending as the filmmakers probably intended. ** from ****

Reviewed by nicholls_les 8 / 10

Perfect Casting and not a bad movie

Kevin Kline is perfect as Errol Flynn, so much so that I cannot imagine anyone else doing this better.

Not only does he look like Flynn, but he captures his charm and almost childlike attitude to life. OK he was an alcoholic who probably wasted his life and died too early, but those who knew him always say he was a charmer who could light up the room. Mr Kline carries this perfectly.

Much has been made of his attraction to younger women but what so many fail to realise is how common this was back then, and not just in Hollywood. Chaplin to Elvis it was just how things were. Not excusing it in anyway but we cannot re-write history because we find it distasteful.

Many of those chorus girls we see in those old musicals were very young girls and sadly it is the case that most married or had relationships with much older men. Flynn was one of those men but he was not alone by any means.

Back to the movie. Susan Sarandon did a great job as the manipulating mother who wanted fame and fortune for her child regardless of the cost to her emotionally.

Dakota Fanning plays her part brilliantly and seems to have captured this young girl who knew what she wanted even though she also knew how wrong it all was. It does seem she genuinely loved Flynn and him her, but it is hard to know the real truth of their relationship.

I think it is a shame that we didn't see more of Flynn the movie star, but I guess the time line for this film means he was past his best by then? If you like old Hollywood stars or just like good biopics then you should enjoy this movie.

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