The Last Man on Earth


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi

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Alexandra Daddario as Victoria
Kristen Wiig as Pamela Brinton
January Jones as Melissa Shart
Will Ferrell as Gordon

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Reviewed by dallascowboyfan-48360 10 / 10

absolutely hilarious and original

I don't understand the negative reviews at all. I have never laughed so hard watching a show. It is a breath of fresh air, original and immersive. I just wish the episodes were longer, it's strange how they are about 22-23 minutes long. I can't wait until tomorrow when the second season starts. I love this show. I can only guess that the negative reviews were from people who possess one of the follow attributes: lacks a sense of humor, doesn't appreciate an original plot, does not like to be immersed in a show, does not watch enough of a show to truly judge it. This show allows me to fantasize about how it would be to do things that we can't do in real life. When there are so few people in the world you can just drive to a city or town and move into the house of your choice, go to a liquor store and grab what you want, go to a movie theater and turn on the projector and watch a movie all by yourself, help yourself to some candy and popcorn...provided you have been handy enough to get some electricity going...not hard to hook up some solar panels though.

Reviewed by dongwangfu 9 / 10

Why is this show so polarizing?

For some reason, there are a huge number of reviews that expect this to portray all the details of its post-apocalyptic premise exactly the way each reviewer imagines it should.

It is a sit-com! Was "Bob Newhart" accurate about mental illness? No. Could actual human beings live the summer camp style lives led by the central characters in "Friends"? No. Is "Last Man on Earth" anything more than an excuse to throw together different character types for humorous effect? No.

But as a sit-com style serial it is really very, very funny. Will Forte, the central character, is weak-willed but occasionally self-reflective anti-hero, and Kristin Schaal and January Jones are just two of a set of excellent comedians who play supporting roles.

The only reason I can think that so many ratings are so low is that people may have been looking for show in a different genre, and started watching and were unhappy it was basically a sit-com.

Reviewed by johnteresamelton 8 / 10

In Retrospect

Wish the 1st season could have been different. Should have been just about Tandy traveling looking for other survivors Imagine finding Leslie Jones in New York or finding that Snooki or Dennis Rodman had survived what would Tandy have done? Can just imagine how series will end. The babies contract the virus, Mike Miller shows back up and has developed a vaccine. He never died, Tandy never checked to see if he actually died.

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