The Last Boy


Drama / Sci-Fi

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Luke Goss as Jay
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by donnellytrey 9 / 10

A hard but intelligent film

This is a hard film to watch. It has beautiful cinematography, an amazing score, and very impressive acting. This is not a true post apocalyptic story, nor is it a science fiction film (although it has elements of both).Fantasy and spiritual are more apt. The true core of the film is people dealing with the idea of immortality. The fact that that the boy like everyone who joins him is likely going to die after having lost everything they care about, they still carry on because the place they are travelling to will grant them immortality. This is nothing like the Directors first film, which was pretty light and mainstream in comparison. Not everyone will like this movie, in fact, I find it hard to believe that this will get a wide release, as it is not a commercial film. It is an art film, a discussion piece, a beautiful poem about the fragility of life and the idea of forever.

Reviewed by josephinemallorys 9 / 10


Caught this at the Boston Sci fi fest last week. I liked the poster and intrigued by the premise. Had heard of Luke Goss and kind of associated him with below par action movies and wondered what he was doing in this. Later discovered he'd collaborated with the same director on interview with a hitman a film I'd heard of but not seen but more on that later. Anyway settled in not knowing what to expect and was well very pleasantly surprised. First of all Goss. I mean who knew he was such a class act, I mean top drawer stuff. He's definitely easy on the eye and it's not too hard to see how easy it would have been to get to A list status if he'd chosen his past movies better. As for the rest of the cast I loved their performances, esp Peter Guiness and the little girl Matilda. I've read some of the short sharp critiques by some on here and whilst not usually one to comment it kinda sucks and I think anyone reading this should just ignore most of that trash talk. The story's been compared to other other recent narratives but it stands on its own. The whole set up is fresh simple and believable. Religion plays a big part, focused mainly on christianity - the priest and the Goss. I thought that contrasted nicely with the Rumi mysticism I was very impressed with the 'wind' effects.. The ending is what makes or breaks a movie and the director goes all out and pulls it off in my opinion. Felt a tug on my heart strings. I wanted to watch Interview with a Hitman before commenting to see if this was fluke of some kind. Surprise surprise that was pretty damn good too. Not sure what Bhandal's up to next but if he can pull off two films which are so wildly different then he's got my attention. A well deserved 9//10

Reviewed by Macha_Ruad 10 / 10

Much anticpated film that exceeded expectations.

Being a huge fan of Perry Bhandal and Luke Goss, I was truly looking forward to finally seeing this film. The bar was set pretty high by Luke and Perry's first film, Interview With a Hitman. Bhandal's The Last Boy did not disappoint.

When an auteur opens his film with a quote from Rumi's The Great Wagon, then subtly weaves the most meaningful verses into the script, one must look beneath the surface, or obvious plot, for the ingenious spiritual and enchanting subplot where the soul of the film dwells.

Perry Bhandal's The Last Boy is much more than the story of the survivors of a somewhat soft focus post apoplectic event.

Although the exact cause of said catastrophic event is never truly fully revealed, viewers are never lost as to backstory, underlying plot points or events subsequent because Bhandal leads the viewer just enough to encourage personalization of the film via allowing each viewer to implement their own perception of the unfolding story.

This masterful technique dovetails perfectly with Rumi's featured poetry and spiritual wisdom, which is deftly interjected and, in my opinion, pivotal to the film's plot.

The prominent verses featured are in essence a study of the realization of the spiritual realm, exploration of non-judgment and oneness.

Mankind tends to be dualistic and judgmental. By nature we divide, compartmentalize, and label thoughts, actions and emotions, which is often the sole source of internal conflict.

The post apoplectic winds may represent the fear that we harbor of death, our vulnerability to immovable universal forces, and unpredictable fate...or they may represent reconciliation of our human faults and foibles, the rejection of judgment and labels so we may lay fear aside embrace our oneness so we can enter the spiritual realm and finally realize that beyond the labels, fear, judgment and distinctions lies a serene place.

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there."


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