The Last Boy


Drama / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leanneshanea 8 / 10

Good movie

I think this is one of those love or hate it movies. Personally I love films that dare to be different and this one does and pulls it off in my opinion. There's actually so much to digest - first of all this post apocolayptic world is one where most people have disappeared, so instead of leaving some dystpian nightmare with roaming gangs (done to death IMO, along with Zombies, sigh) it leaves a world no longer touched by humans. The british landscape is stunning and if the directors aim was to give us a taste of what the world could be like if we just left it be then that point comes across loud and clear - actually Jay, the sniper, does say as much at the end.

So what's left once everyone's gone - well things have changed, first of all there's a lethal wind that turns people to ash. A lot of people are comparing this to Birdbox, mostly saying Birdbox stole this idea - but besides that where Birdbox the wind wasn't visible - here it is. And it's done really well. Its like an entity in its own right and its one of things that makes this film unique. I applaud the filmkakers for trying so many new ideas, too many to mention and on the whole they work really well, probably too much to take in while watching but if you're like me they'll come to you afterwards.

They other thing that exists in this new world is the place that grants wishes. I'm not going to spoil it - just to say it took me completely by surprise and the filmakers should be congratulated by creating something amazing out if literally nothing.

I loved the cast, some veterans and also newcomers. I thought their performances were convincing and actually quite funny at times. Luke Goss who plays Jay the sniper is fantastic. He's worked with the director before and they obviously have something special because he is really really good.

If I had any criticism I thought the girl Lily decided to join the boy too quickly. But I guess you could say children behave differently to adults so maybe that's what would happen in reality who knows.

The Rumi theme is one of those things that I keep coming back to again and again as I keep on making connections between his words and the film. One tip - once you've watched - go back to the beginning and read the quote. Bit of an open mouth moment.

So in conclusion. The film looks beautiful, the story is unique and original and really gets to you. Must admit I'm a bit of a softie so the ending did make me cry.


Reviewed by genesee-66020 7 / 10

I was expecting something aweful

...judging by one of the previous reviews. I liked it though. It was engaging and the story was interesting and unique. The effects weren't bad either, The acting wasn't great but it wasn't bad enough to bother me. All in all, pretty good and worth watching.

Reviewed by dinaabatematteo 7 / 10

to a place that grants wishes...

'to a place that grants wishes'...reading that made me think of one of my favourite films Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker. Watching The Last Boy there were some similarities with Stalker but also Shamalayans's The Happening and the recent Birdbox.

Anyone expecting a blood and guts filled post apocalyptic gorefest will be disappointed but it's obvious from the tagline that it was never the writer or directors intention to make that kind of film and it certainly wasn't what I was expecting to see.

The Last Boy has a hopefulness and an innocence that the above films don't have (beautifully conveyed by the words of Rumi) , but that's not to say the dangers aren't real they are - both people and the lethal entity - in this case a wind that is visible and looks like a kind of wall of energy. In Stalker the entity never appeared - always at the periphery of the audience's consciousnes. In the happening it's the movement that belies the wind moving through the grass and trees. In Birdbox, well it's kind of visible sometimes and other times not. Each has its merits - personally I thought the wind in The Last Boy was very well done.

I enjoyed the film immensely. I can switch on netflix and find any number of bloody and violent post apocalyptic stories - not really my scene - but I can't do the same and find movies like this.

The film was very well cast with good performances. Luke as the sniper was very charismatic and really made the film his own, seems he works well with the director.

Read the words in the movies description and enter the world the director has created with that in mind and you won't be disappointed.


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