The Kissing Booth


Comedy / Romance

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Molly Ringwald as Mrs. Flynn
Meganne Young as Rachel
Joel Courtney as Lee Flynn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kboese 1 / 10

if i could put -1 stars i would

This movie is down right crusty. actors: horrible. plot: predictable. script: could've been written by my 2 year old blind cousin w no fingers. noah & elle are horrible heights for eachother. idk who was the hair stylist for this movie but they need a firm slap on the wrist. the trampoline scene???? really??? who thought that looked good??? lee wasted a perfectly good ice cream cone. also idk what alcohol they drinkin but my response to a shot has never been "ooh tastes like pink". which brings me to the OMG girls who need to OMGetTF. cmon isn't the popular pretty girls obsessing over the high school hottie a little played out. & the poor actress playing the girl w headgear. i mean her role in the movie is literally "girl w headgear" was the headgear REALLY necessary. how many people do u see walkin around w headgear it's 2018. homegirls got basically a warning for showing up to school in essentially a plaid loin cloth & anyone who's actually been to a high school knows dress code is much more serious. AND when noah is fixing her face scratch she says "when did u become such a doctor" BIH he just touched ur face w a wet towel !!! doctor??? where yo standards at hoe. and for the amount of times they showed that girl in a bra u would THINK they would at least get her a bra that didn't look like it came from the sale rack at aeropostale. btw if they invited a bunch of high schoolers to a costume party the best they would've gotten was a jock in a baseball jersey not a fully-dressed pirate from the actual pirates of the caribbean set. essentially this whole movie was a pile of hot garbage and i'm concerned for our generation if they sincerely enjoyed this movie and laughed with it instead of at it.

Reviewed by clarisaquintero 3 / 10

Sexualizing 14 year old girls

What type of message does it send to girls when she has to strip like 3 times to gain Noah's attention?

Reviewed by Jared_Andrews 2 / 10

Littered with Cliches and Teenage Delusion

As I watched, I kept thinking that this movie had a very limited target audience. High school kids would likely relate to this, especially high school girls. Anyone older than that, would see the absurdity of everything going on and ask, "WTF?" The Kissing Booth is the story of two high school best friends, Lee and Shelly (Joel Courtney and Joey King). They love to dance, according to the opening narration. This comes up later in the movie in a way that's supposed to be significant and touching, but it's actually lame and eyeroll-worthy.

The pals share an agreed upon list of friendship rules that come up sporadically throughout the story. Most of them are silly, the sort of rules you would expect from kids who are six, not 16. Rule number one is "you tell each other your birthday wishes." Really, that's rule number one? That's the first and most important rule of friendship? That's the level of ridiculousness this movie purports.

One day, Shelly and Lee need to create a fundraiser for a school club and decide to set up a kissing booth. All the girls want to kiss Lee's hunky older brother Noah (Jacob Elordi), all the girls including Shelly, who has developed a crush.

As luck would have it, Noah also has feelings for Shelly, so he finagles his way into sharing a lip lock with her at the kissing booth. Their feelings for each other become clear, but, oh no, the friends have a rule against dating each other's family! Shelly and Noah must hook up in secret.

Cue the predictable montages of the two lovebirds as they narrowly avoid getting caught by Lee and many others. It's hard to watch. Not only is it a painfully obvious and cliché storytelling tactic, it feels icky watching high school kids hook up over and over again. These aren't even the only moments that feel exploitative.

Many scenes sexually exploit Shelly, as crowds of guys ogle her and cheer her on as she strips in the boys locker room and again later while drunk at a party. Like I said, icky.

For some reason, there always seems to be a crowd cheering, oohing and awing at nearly every moment, which is clearly ridiculous. It's the sort of thing that only makes sense in a high school kid's fantasy. They're so self-conscious, even narcissistic, that they constantly feel that their every move is on display for the world. In this movie, that is depicted literally.

Not so coincidentally, the movie is based on a book that was written by a girl at age 15. That explains so much. Now I understand why the movie suggests that kissing is the most important thing in the world. It implies that the kissing booth changed all their lives forever, which, again, is the sort of thing that only makes sense in a high school kid's fantasy.

Of course, learning that the story was written by a 15-year-old, does not excuse all its flaws. The movie is still mostly awful, littered with plot holes and logical blunders.

This movie could be perfect for a high school date night, but that's about it. It's not a good movie. I would advise anyone over the age of 18 to give this a hard pass.

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