The King's Speech


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 94%
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Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth
Guy Pearce as King Edward VIII
Jennifer Ehle as Myrtle Logue
Colin Firth as King George VI
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Reviewed by pauletterich-la 9 / 10

King Colin

After seeing "Apartment Zero" and being bowled over again by his amazing performance as the Argentinean pretending to be British, I felt the urge to see "The King's Speech" again - So glad I did. It was very moving to see Adrian Leduc being George VI. What an astonishing actor. In Apartment Zero he creates a character without a personality. A repressed, innocent that comes out as a total weirdo but we know better. His undeclared needs reflected in Colin Firth's eyes are a prodigious acting feast. In The King's Speech, his George VI suffers from a different fear but it's also pungently clear in the actor's eyes. I think what they both share is a desperate wish to be invisible. For King George that's an impossibility so, his struggle to move forward, learning to be the man everyone expects him to be is enormously moving. As you may have guessed, Colin Firth has become one of my favorite actors of all time.

Reviewed by grantss 9 / 10

Great movie, driven by a great cast

Great movie, driven by a great cast.

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are excellent as King George VI and Lionel Logue respectively, and both deserve their Oscar nominations. Great performances from the supporting cast too - especially Helena Bonham Carter (as Queen Elizabeth), Guy Pearce (as King Edward VIII) and Michael Gambon (as King George V).

Direction is flawless: pacing is spot on, story flows well, cinematography cannot be faulted. Script is solid.

Not the best movie of 2010/11, no matter what happened at the Oscars, but one of the best.

Reviewed by mcmax-58803 8 / 10


I didn't expect to like this film due to the genre but I enjoyed it all the way through and it had some funny moments even if they weren't to be :). Colin Firth does an incredible job with this character and his Oscar was well deserved!

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