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Steven Seagal as Roland
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Reviewed by Uriah43 7 / 10

An L.A. Cop with No Regard for Medical Retirement

This movie begins with two Los Angeles cops named "Trevor Johnson" (Brian Keith Gamble) and "Roland Sallinger" (Steven Seagal) in the process of conducting an unauthorized drug raid in a small apartment room downtown. To their chagrin, upon entering the apartment a fierce gunfight erupts which results in the deaths of all the drug dealers. Immediately after this Trevor and Roland discover a large sum of cash which Trevor suggests they keep for their own. Roland, on the other hand, insists on turning it over to the authorities. This prompts Trevor to shoot Roland several times and--after hiding the stolen loot--calls for backup and naturally blames the drug dealers for Roland's death. To Trevor's surprise, however, as the ambulance is driving off, he learns that his bullets failed to kill Roland. Needless to say, this creates a sense of panic in Trevor who then decides to drive to the hospital in order to finish off Roland once and for all. As luck would have it, however, Roland manages to regain consciousness just as Trevor enters the room and shoots him just in the nick of time. Unfortunately, after extensive therapy and rehabilitation, things don't turn out well for Roland who finds himself medically retired with nothing but a small pension for all of his troubles. It's then that he gets a call from an old friend in San Antonio named "Connor Wells (Steph DuVall) who desperately needs his help protecting his daughter "Nikita Wells (Liezl Carstens) from a criminal organization intent on kidnapping her. However, there is a lot more to this story that Roland doesn't fully realize and this makes his job even more difficult. Now, not wanting to reveal any more, I will just say that I thought that this was one of the better efforts by Steven Seagal as it contained a good plot, decent acting, and a little mystery to top things off. Likewise, having an attractive actress like Liezl Carstens certainly didn't hurt the scenery either. In any case, I enjoyed this particular film and have rated it according. Above average.

Reviewed by Sandcooler 5 / 10


Steven Seagal's direct-to-DVD efforts usually look like they are slapped together in about a week, with poorly redubbed dialogues, confusing editing and stunt doubles that vaguely look like him when seen from space. "The Keeper" however brings something entire new to the table: they can't even remember what Seagal's character is called. He starts the movie as Roland Sallinger, turns into Roland Ballinger for the second act, and then starts mixing it up towards the finale. Why even mention his name so many times throughout? It's almost like they were trying to see what they could get away with, how much abuse an audience can put up with. It has to be said though, this isn't the worst one by a long shot. There are too many exposition scenes and the parts where Seagal creates a bond with the girl he's bodyguarding are cringe-inducing, but they put together the gunfights rather well and the movie never really turns flat-out boring. Even Seagal's total lack of energy and interest isn't bothersome, I liked the very last shot of the movie where he just walks out of a house with a defeated look on his face and sighs: he's just saved the kidnapped girl, but he looks like the bad guys won and killed his entire unit as well. If that sort of thing can't entertain you, this certainly isn't the movie for you.

Reviewed by namashi_1 6 / 10

A Decent Watch...

'The Keeper' is a decent entertainer, that works due to its fairly written Screenplay & Steven Seagal's butt-kicking performance.

'The Keeper' Synopsis: An LA cop, who after nearly being killed by his greedy partner, and eventually being forced to retire for medical reasons, flees to San Antonio, Texas. Until one day, when his old friend asks him to protect his daughter by serving as a bodyguard.

'The Keeper' works because both, the Screenplay & Seagal, don't disappoint. The Screenplay is entirely predictable & even loose at times, but luckily, the impressive action-sequences & a consistent pace, sail it through. Keoni Waxman's Direction is average.

Seagal, despite having put-on a lot off weight, still is a bad-ass! He's still got the stuff. His butt-kicking act adds only as a plus for 'The Keeper'.

On the whole, If you're a Seagal fan like me, then do watch 'The Keeper'.

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