The Karate Kid Part III


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Ralph Macchio as Daniel
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Reviewed by AaronCapenBanner 3 / 10

Too Silly.

After returning from Japan, Mr. Miyagi & Daniel(Pat Morita & Ralph Macchio again) try to settle in to their lives, only to have old foe John Creese(Martin Kove) return seeking revenge after losing his students, his school, and his money. He turns to grateful Vietnam veteran buddy Terry Silver(Thomas Ian Griffith) to help him regain what he lost, and punish Miyagi and Daniel.

A great pity this is such a comic book level script, with over-the-top villainy(at one point, both Creese and Silver laugh at Miyagi & Daniel like they're the Joker and Riddler!) and redundant character development(Did Daniel learn nothing from the first two films?) Only Pat Morita keeps this disappointment from complete ruin, with his fine performance(he looks appropriately weary of it all!) Ending is predictable, but too abrupt, leaving loose ends never tied up.

Reviewed by Alyssa Mollica 5 / 10

So bad that it's good?

The third installment in the Karate Kid trilogy proves to be director John G. Avildsen's most lackluster attempt at the series of films. It's almost as if he has given up with the process of making these films, perhaps taking a whole "Let's just see how this goes and hope for the best" approach to it. While it is possible that he directed this film with the intention of making a film that was "so bad that it's good" - it is more likely, however, that that was not the intention.

From start to finish, the film tends to break down new and exciting barriers of outrageous and ridiculous plots and actions. For one, the film begins with an unnecessarily long montage reminding the viewer of what happened in the first two films - stretching to about 5 minutes long. There's nothing wrong with a quick recap, but Avildsen's choice was to include whole scenes from the other films. As a result, the movie started at an awkward pace, already upsetting the usual flow of the first two films. Ralph Macchio acts as though he was tricked into participating in this movie, and as a result has decided to act in a most over the top and comically awful fashion. Not that Ralph Macchio has ever done anything worthy of an Oscar in the past, but this seems like an almost premeditated sort of low for the actor. Martin Kove returns as John Kreese, back and more ridiculous than ever. Pat Morita tries his best to save the film and maybe an attempt to make it slightly serious, but there is far too much overpowering this attempt.

The movie crosses the line of "so bad it's good" countless times. It is still possible to enjoy watching this film for the sheer fact that the outrageous acting and the obnoxious story in general is in fact so ridiculous that it allows the film to be enjoyed by some as a comedy, regardless of how it was originally intended to be.

Reviewed by gfnoyes 3 / 10

worst one of the 3 in my opinion - possible spoiler

I loved Part 1, and I couldn't wait for Part 2, and when I heard there was a Part 3 coming out, I was actually counting down the days until the release of the movie but I will say I was very disappointed with this movie, out of the 3 of them, I think it was the worst one first of all, it seems a lot like the first 2, when Daniel comes across someone trying to hurt him and good old Mr. Myagi comes to the rescue, but he hardly does much in this movie - for instance, in the scene when Mike Barnes, Snake and Dennis come into the Bonsai Shop, all of a sudden, Mr. Myagi appears out of nowhere (how he got past the oncoming train is anyone's guess), and all he does is grab Mike's hands, forces them behind his neck and kicks him in his rear-end The only good fight that he did was in the Cobra Kai's dojo against Terry and John Kreese, and he didn't even do much in that fight. All he did was throw Terry into the mirror and then at the end, in the tournament scene, Mike Barnes is standing there in the ring shouting all kinds of offensive comments to Daniel, as if that would ever have been allowed, and then after totally pulverizing him, Daniel does some type of Kata and of course, he just grabs Mike's arm, throws him in a somersault and then chops him in the back, and then gets the point and wins, and Terry literally throws in the towel (or actually he throws up the shirt into the crowd) if this were a real tournament, even though Mike Barnes didn't win the tournament, he won second place, and people would have still been interested in learning karate at his school I think a better ending would have been if Daniel had lost the fight and then realized that winning is not everything and he went on with his life and continued with his karate, or maybe they could have had a part 4 where he would have come back for a rematch a year later after having more training

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