The Karate Kid Part III


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Ralph Macchio as Daniel
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Reviewed by dbandeira 7 / 10

The bad fame is unfair. Really not bad.

Just watched the 3 films with Ralph Macchio this past week (I've never seen any of the movies complete before, just bits when they aired on TV), and I have to say: Part 3 is just as good as the first 2. This movie really had an unfair bad reputation... the only problem is that Thomas Ian Griffith, as Terry Silver, is acting over the top, just a little. Not much different than Martin Kove (John Kreese) in Karate Kid 1.

My point is: If you never watched any of the films and is thinking about skipping the Karate Kid 3 because you heard it's bad, I advise you not to do that.

Reviewed by zkonedog 5 / 10

Watch, If Only For Miyagi/Daniel Relationship

I won't beat around the bush here: At face value, this is a pretty poor film, not even in the same league as the first two installments. However, the touching relationship between Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Maccio) and Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) makes it a worthwhile addition to round out the trilogy.

For a basic plot summary, Karate Kid III sees the famous pair have a falling-out over Daniel's karate future. Without Miyagi's guidance, Daniel falls into a trap, requiring him to defend his karate championship (despite his wishes) one more time.

There are two major problems with this movie:

1. First, the plot is paper-thin and utterly ridiculous. You know Daniel will be competing at the film's climax the second you push play on your remote, so all the "will he, won't he drama" is irrelevant and boring. It doesn't help that the villain of the story is nothing more than a cackling goon with the stereotypical leather jacket and slicked-backed greaseball ponytail. He's more ridiculous than truly hateable.

2. Second, is the meaningless entry of yet another love interest for Daniel. This relationship goes absolutely nowhere and ultimately just wastes time that could have been spent more productively elsewhere.

Luckily, KK3 is somewhat redeemed by one bright spot: Miyagi's care for Daniel. Perhaps one of the best mentor-mentee relationships in film history reaches even greater depths here when Daniel's "karate faith" is tested to the maximum. Despite all the contrived drama, you'll still be emotional at film's end due to the touching emotional bond between the duo.

So, while this is easily the worst of the original Karate Kid trilogy, it is worth watching for the two title characters alone.

Reviewed by yihdzelonh 5 / 10

"What's this? BLOOD! Make believe it's his!"

In the "Karate Kid III," La Russo has returned home from Japan and his demeanor and Karate skills, very strangely, are so inept that one would never believe that he has ever so much as 'practiced' any kind of Karate move -much less been good enough at one point to have even entered a tournament -and even much less 'won' it. His physique is very 'non-linear, his athleticism and stamina completely non-existent -- his walk is reminiscent of a 'miniature Big Bird.' Everything about him is absolutely 'pathetic' to the point of being a 'parody' of his former much that it is quite 'hilarious' to watch...

Throughout the movie he very effiminately talks and screams like Judy Garland -in the Wizard of Oz- and his naive face looks very similar to that of "Princess Leia." The "Karate bitch" is preyed upon by one of Kreese's friends -and an upcoming 'bully karateka' in numerous ways: La Russo is 'coerced' against his will into entering the annual tournament...and the gullible retard LaRusso is easily tricked by Kreese's pal that he wants to befriend and train LaRusso.

The movie -a parody of the previous two Karate Kid movies -has many absolutely hilarious moments: The 'bully karateka' slapping LaRusso around inside of the bonzai gift shop and then taking off in his car whilst doing a few 'doughnuts' before narrowly missing a train, LaRusso asking Miyagi to show him 'sweeps' and Miyagi instead showing Danielson how to use a 'broom,' Silver training Danielson to become an aggressive 'pitbull' of a fighter by having Danielson breaking wooden stilts, Danielson breaking the nose of a boy 'hitting' on his girlfriend at a dance, and especially the entire final tournament: the 'bully karateka' yelling profanities at Danielson telling him his karate isn't worth (*bleep*) and then being 'psyched out' by Danielson in the finale and losing the tournament.

The 1980s is a decade rife with 'awesomely-bad' movies (perhaps much more than any other decade) and The Karate Kid III -though in most repects a 'bad' movie- is nonetheless somehow VERY 're'-watcheable...and one of the most 'awesomely-bad' movies I've ever seen. It is also easily one of the most 'unintentionally'-funny (or WAS it 'intentionally-funny'?) movies I've ever seen. One of my favorite movies of all time. 5 stars.

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