The Jungle Book


Action / Adventure / Drama / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 94%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
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Idris Elba as Shere Khan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 8 / 10

Awesome Film

The boy Mowgli (Neel Sethi) is raised in the jungle by the female wolf Raksha with her cubs in the pack led by Akela. The panther Bagheera saved Mowgli when he was a baby and delivered him to Raksha. During the drought, the animals celebrate truce to drink water around the Peace Rock together, but the cruel tiger Shere Khan sees Mowgli and promises to kill him when the water return. Bagheera decides to guide Mowgli to a village on the outskirts of the woods, but they are attacked by Shere Khan during their journey. Mowgli flees but the anaconda Kaa attacks him; however the bear Baloo saves him and they become friends. But Shere Khan wants to kill Mowgli and no animal is capable to stop him. What will happen to Mowgli?

"The Jungle Book" is an awesome film with fantastic CGI. It is impressive the interaction of Mowgli with the animals and the jungle. The wolf cubs are cute and the voice of Scarlett Johansson is mesmerizing. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil):"Mogli: O Menino Lobo" ("Mogli: The Boy Wolf")

Reviewed by akhilsudhakaran 7 / 10

A mark for vivid visual treatment

Every time I got fascinated about this movie like everyone because of two reasons. The first one my jealousy of those people who experienced this film in theaters (especially in iMax) because I'm not able to watch this film on the silver screen. The second reason is the reason of everybody, that's the powerful use of visual treatment. Hollywood movies, as we knew are the great treasures of visual beauty and colorful treatment. But Jungle Book is far apart from those kind colorful productions from the early masterpieces like Matrix, Avatar and many more. It is something a vivid way of representation of the new technique collectively known as vfx or Visual Effects. I'm stunned with the maximum utilization of that technique to the utmost and I just went into the forest along with Mowgli (like another man-cab). It's been something a film not about the new technique which is used (as far as concern it is an old technique according to Hollywood movies) it sustain here, in my mind cause of the apt and correct use of visual effects and make the movie live to the audience. Apart from my applause to the Animation films ( because this is something closely connected to Animation films) it is a great and enormous visual treatment to any kind of film lovers (People who love any kind of films not concerning which genre it is).

Reviewed by Cirja Onisim 8 / 10

Could have been great! (Spoiler free)

This is just a typicall example of how Hollywood doesn't have an inspiration when it comes to movie stories. This movie is just everything you ever saw in either an animation movie or in a movie in general. Yet critics were blown away in the case of this movie just like they were with "the shape of water".

This movie is a fun adventure in the jungle nothing more. It's basically "the lion king" but with a kid instead of a lion. Everything this movie's storry had for me I've already seen it in either "the lion king" or in another movie. The story is without doubt interesting and somewhat mature but it doesn't have that suction of the viewer in it like the classic jungle-based movies had it. It is although very nice and entertaining to watch it but it's not as captivating as you would expect. Another problem is the lack of background for some characters and some events that influence the main conflict in this movie. Aside from that there was another thing that bothered me: the performance of the kid who played Mowgli (don't know his name). His performance was very underwhelming and at certain points cutted my elan and interest in the story. The villain was however very good. He started pretty typical but by the he end of the movie all the pieces come in place and you see its full character and motives. The voice acting was formidable especially from the guy who played the bear, Scarlet Johanson and Ben Kingsley I guess who played the panther. Another thing that made me enjoy this movie and liked it as much as I did was the visuals. I mean honestly how could human beings do this? How much work was there in the visuals for this movie? I mean it! It's like 90% of the movie is CGI and is seamless. There are moments where I couldn't know if the environment was real or just CGI. That was achieved maybe due to the great cinematography that made the transitions between the two almost unnoticeable. The score was good and it enhanced he movie quite a lot but at no point I was impressed or left wondering how thematic and musical it is.

Anyway in conclusion this movie is just a typically entertaining Hollywod-jungle movie with fabulous visuals, great voice performances but with some originality issues and a underwhelming performance by the lead actor. 8/10

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