The Island at the Top of the World


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Mako as Oomiak
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by umlaut-3 7 / 10

A good family adventure...

As with several other reviewers, I also have fond memories of the theatrical release of this film from my youth, and this fantastic Jules Vernesque tale of a airship journey into the unknown arctic still holds up pretty well after all this time. There is some decent acting, a great score, a zeppelin,vikings in real viking longboats, real Scandinavian dialog, exploding volcanoes and vicious killer whales, what more do you want?

Some things are dated, such as the Eskimo vs. Inuit thing, the portrayal of Orca as man-eaters, etc. and the special effects have seen better days..but there are some surprisingly good sets with amazing matte paintings that are as good as anything you see on modern films (note the amazing viking hall on a hill top), great aerial footage, and a pretty decent story with good pace.

Break out the popcorn and enjoy it with your kids.

Reviewed by pozdena 8 / 10

A spectacular fun filled journey for the whole family

For a low budget Disney movie that's 30 years old this ripping yarn is a lot of fun. It has everything from killer whales, volcanoes, an experimental airship, a lost civilization of Vikings and even Mako in the role of an Eskimo who 'fights like a bear'!

When Sir Anthony discovers that his son has gone missing in the frozen north, this upper class Brit wastes no time in putting together a team of explorers (an American archaeologist, a French aviator and an Eskimo) to get him back. Using an experimental French airship they head past Greenland into the vast unknown of the frozen north. Using a map made of bone and ancient myths they find their way to a lost island oasis hidden deep in the ice.

I won't ruin anymore of the plot, as it gets even better from there. The set pieces and costumes are amazing for their time (and the low budget). The special effects in some parts look slightly dated but add to the charm of the film. If you don't think so then I am sure that the attack by the killer whales towards the end makes up for it! This film is a lot of fun and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good adventure story. The movie is PG enough for the kiddies, but the neat story and the clever locations will keep the adults interested.

Reviewed by Jonathon Dabell 7 / 10

Enjoyable Disney adventure.

The Island At The Top Of The World is based on a novel by Ian Cameron entitled The Lost Ones. The novel was set in modern times, but the film is set in Edwardian times. It is one of the better live-action Disney films, with an interesting and exciting plot, solid performances and an unusual setting. Only the weak special effects give the viewer something to gripe about.

Donald Sinden is splendid as Sir Anthony Ross, an elderly London gentleman who is desperate to find out what happened to his son Donald. Apparently, young Donald went off to the Arctic several months earlier in search of a mythical place "where whales go to die", but he disappeared during the expedition. Sir Anthony refuses to believe that his son is dead, so he assembles a search party and they set off for the freezing polar ice-cap aboard a French airship. As it turns out, right up at the top of the world there exists a lost colony of Viking throwbacks, hidden from the rest of the world and able to survive because the valley in which they live is heated by volcanic materials. Young Donald has been living with these folk since his strange disappearance, but the arrival of his father's search party causes trouble and the Viking elders vote to kill the intruders.

It's every bit as unusual and fascinating as it sounds, and is a truly worthwhile film for kids and adults alike. There are a few mis-calculations (few films, after all, are perfect) but not too many. The special effects, as already suggested, are somewhat below par. Also, much of the Viking dialect is translated by David Hartman's character, and the task of listening to it in one language, then again in English, is slightly tedious. However, all things considered, this is a very enjoyable and entertaining production.

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