The Iron Lady


Action / Biography / Drama / History

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 51%
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Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher
Jim Broadbent as Denis Thatcher
Iain Glen as Alfred Roberts
Harry Lloyd as Young Denis Thatcher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John Corda 8 / 10

A Human In The Storm

One spent so much time detesting Margaret Thatcher's policies and its consequences that one forgets she was a human being. Silly isn't it? Yes, but true. Now Meryl Streep, with all her powers, reminds us. Mrs Thatcher was a real person, a real woman and no matter how much we disagree with her we cannot dismiss her. Meryl Streep makes sure of that. Her performance is an extraordinary piece of art and I have the feeling that it will grow in meaning and scope as time goes on. The humanity of the actress at the service of a political icon that thought that it didn't matter what people felt but what they thought as if the two were mutually exclusive. Thank you Meryl Streep, you've done something that my grandchilden's grandchildren will benefit from.

Reviewed by elliothawittpalmer 9 / 10

Steady the Buffs, Old Girl.

Hi guys,

Firstly, I just have to begin by saying Merrol Street as Thatcher stirs up both lust and disgust within the soul, yet my marriage has never been better since I bought my wife this film for her birthday. This powerful film with a star-studded cast (Jim Broadbern as Denis, Olive Coalman as Carl, Richard. E Grent as Michael Heseltine (snake)) taught me and my housewench (a joke, y'all) that there is, within us all, both an Iron Lady and a Miss Margaret Roberts (cover the butter).

I would have given this film a 10/10 had I not watched the special features, where much to my chagrin I discovered that management had snuck in a Geordie to play young Margaret. In light of her views on Northerns, this seemed to me a cold, calculated insult to her memory.

That aside, I was won over by the fabulous editing - the panning and zooming gave me severe whiplash.

My favourite scene has to be when Airy Knees dies, toupée intact. I love the way she screams: passionate, gut-wrenching, haunting. She's got my Oscar!

Reviewed by classicsoncall 8 / 10

"One must be brave if one is to take the wheel."

There's little room for argument that Meryl Streep deserved the Best Actress for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher, but I couldn't help thinking that the movie itself was a bit of a hit piece on the conservative British Prime Minister. Instead of examining Thatcher's tenure as PM in detail, the story had more to do with her slide into dementia following the death of husband Denis (Jim Broadbent). If that was to be the focus of the movie, why call it "The Iron Lady"? The real Iron Lady dealt with the United Kingdom's fiscal irresponsibility and stood firm against colleagues and opponents alike during the Falklands crisis. She brought Britain's role in the world back to some semblance of authority while the rest of Europe preferred to (and still does) surrender sovereignty to a monolithic entity with little regard for the common man who votes their politicians into power. Thatcher's commitment to self reliance, independence and hard work is generally alluded to but never given the kind of recognition that would inspire a viewer to follow in her footsteps. Regarding the film makers' choice of Streep in the title role is akin to selecting Jane Fonda for the role of Nancy Reagan in Lee Daniels' "The Butler", that is to say, something of a poke in the eye toward Conservatives, considering Streep's own political views. What was kind of ironic in retrospect was something Lady Thatcher stated while running for the position of Prime Minister, as it relates to the recent election of our own current President. She said "It's time to put the 'Great' back into Great Britain". It sounded like something old that's become new again.

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