The Invitation


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crazycokedupdream 9 / 10

A thriller for people who don't watch horror films

I'm not going to give a review of this film. I'll leave that to others who can argue whether it was worth watch or not. For me, I feel it was one of the best thrillers with a horror bent that I have seen in a long while. But here's the thing, I don't really like horror films, avoid them most of the time, unless I heard a good word of mouth from someone. That's how I found The Invitation.

After reading the reviews here, I would say the criticism falls in to two opposing camps. Those that thought it was thrilling, terrifying and well done movie and those who thought it was a waste of their time, slow and they saw all the punches coming.

I think the difference is this, the latter camp watches a lot of horror films, nothing surprises them, they are looking for all the little nuances of all the other horror movies they have watched and are comparing them to the film they are currently watching. They are two - three steps ahead of a conventional audience and thus, nothing surprises them. To these folks, I can understand why the film fell flat, it's clear if you put the movie under a microscope you can tell what's going to happen and naturally with the purposefully drawn out pace of this film, they get bored waiting for the payoff.

I, as well as the people who I have give / shown this film to, fall in to the other camp. We rarely watch films like this and therefore are willing to let it all play out without trying the guess what's going to happen next. It's certainly a creepy film and while we might imagine where it's going, we are willing to suspend our expectations and go along for the ride.

My advice, watch this if you enjoy the ride up on the climbing roller coaster without thinking about the plunge when you reach the top.

Reviewed by shannen-l-c 8 / 10

A chilling and memorable thriller that has a lingering impact

Going into this movie I knew nothing about it so had no expectations, yet found myself hooked within the first 15 minutes.

From the get go there's this underlying tension and mystery that has you trying to guess what's going to happen next. The main character, Will, is a surprisingly empathetic character in comparison to most leads in thriller/horror movies. As a viewer you really feel that you're experiencing the evening through his eyes and although his state of mind is constantly in question, his actions are often completely justified and reasonable from the perspective of any sane person.

The tension is slowly built upon throughout and you can feel the plot progressing in a pre-determined direction. Although in parts it's predictable, everything that happens is a perfect pay-off, which negates the predictability.

Despite the fact that we don't learn a great deal about any the characters (except Will), they're all very realistic people that have unique personalities, which again is something that is rarely found in the supporting characters of movies. Furthermore, the friendships between the characters were also well portrayed. As a viewer, it really feels like you're watching a bunch of good friends that have fallen out of touch with each other's lives and are trying to find their rhythm again.

But one of my favourite things about The Invitation which seems to be overlooked by a lot of people, is the underlying theme of grief. The whole movie acts as a metaphor for grief and how it deeply it affects people. Every character in the movie has been affected by the same loss (even if just by association) and they're all dealing with it in an incredibly different way. I think this is what takes the movie from being a traditional thriller/slasher to something much more complex, because despite appearances, there's a much more complex meaning behind it.

The only reason this movie didn't get the full 10 stars from me is because the ending is a little anti-climatic after such a long build-up. There's one particular scene towards the end that's incredible, but after that everything sort of unravels rather erratically. However, the very last scene is haunting and adds to the impact of the movie as a whole.

Overall, I loved this movie and would definitely recommend it to anyone that's a fan of thought provoking thrillers that encompass very real and relatable human emotions that we all struggle through.

Reviewed by lordredblue 5 / 10

Thing I Learned from The Invitation

1. Copious amount of facial hair gives you immunity against contracting diseases from the bare-handed handling of road-kill.

2. Mexico exports services fatal to US citizens.

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