The Invasion


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 19%
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Daniel Craig as Ben Driscoll
Nicole Kidman as Carol Bennell
Malin Akerman as Autumn
Jeffrey Wright as Dr. Stephen Galeano
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ian 5 / 10

Completely Average!

(Flash Review)

If aliens came to Earth demanding to view an alien invasion movie, this would be the most typical example one could find. As it copies themes and plot points across the genre. I'd personally direct them to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the original, as that is a classic example. In this movie, alien virus fragments fall to Earth due to a space shuttle incident. The fragments begin to slowly take over the humans one by one. Once infected and only once the human falls asleep will the virus be able to overtake the host. A secondary and weak side point is dialog about humans being an evil race as the infected humans lack emotions and personality thus making them all alike and impervious to conflict and hurting other humans or something like that. So would the human race be better doped up and in some robot state where they won't hurt each other or better as we are now? I guess if you have never seen a movie with this plot, it would be fine and dandy as it had quality production value, tense moments and big name actors. Too bad the script was so trite and predictable.

Reviewed by Tweekums 6 / 10

'Body Snatchers' for a new generation

After a space shuttle crashes scattering debris across a swathe of America something strange starts to happen. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) take a surprising interest in the crash and people are told not to touch any of the debris. CDC Director Tucker Kaufman accidentally touches a piece and is infected by something. His ex-wife Carol Bennell, a Washington psychiatrist, has a patient who reports that her husband isn't her husband so she assumes something is wrong with her patient not her husband… soon it becomes apparent that more and more people aren't who they were. The media report that there is a new strain of flu and the government starts an inoculation scheme. Carol turns to her best friend Dr Ben Driscoll for help. They discover that the people who have changed have been infected by an alien virus which takes effect during REM sleep. More and more people get taken over; and as the condition spreads around the world ancient enmities are put aside… but is giving up what makes us human worth sacrificing for peace?

I recall being rather scared when I watched the 1970s version of 'The Invasion of the Body Snatchers', admittedly I was much younger when I saw it, but this version wasn't that scary. The concept was interesting and Nicole Kidman did a really fine job as protagonist Carol; the problem was once she became infected and had to avoid going to sleep to prevent being fully affected she inevitably looks more and more tired and there is something exhausting about watching somebody that tired… just as a yawn in infectious. The rest of the cast are solid enough but this is definitely Nicole Kidman's film. As the ending approaches the tension rises nicely enough then we get an ultimate resolution that comes far too fast. Overall I'd say this film was okay; worth watching if you are a fan of Nicole Kidman but not a must see.

Reviewed by paulijcalderon 6 / 10

Thriller entertainment

Invasion!.. of the people without emotions. This is pretty much a re-telling of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" with a modern setting and look. Interesting concepts are presented, but it turns out to be your run-of-the-mill thriller entertainment with recognizable actors. Nothing bad. It just took the Hollywood direction. The suspense is great in some scenes, especially in the first half. When we get to the climax things start to become too convenient and even a little predictable. What the movie really utilize well are the main leads. The characters are like-able which is super important here because you have to care for them when they are on the run from the invaders. The antagonists are annoying in just the right way. Imagine someone you know loosing all of their emotions and becoming an outer shelf of what that person used to be. That's a pretty scary idea. The movie plays it safe. What it lacks is some extra emotional punch and we never truly get that. So, I think the filmmakers should have gone for something even riskier at the end. The impact would have been much better. We get the Hollywood finale. And I guess it works in some ways because less people will feel paranoid after watching it.

It's alright. You can put the movie on and be entertained by the suspense and seeing Nicole Kidman be chased by weird stale people. The look of the picture is pretty nice. The blue-ish color tint fits the movie well. You should probably stick to the original "Body Snatchers", but if you wanna go for something that's easier to process then check this one out.

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