The Intruders


Action / Thriller

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Miranda Cosgrove as Rose Halshford
Austin Butler as Noah Henry
Donal Logue as Jerry Halshford
Tom Sizemore as Howard Markby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Adriane Fagundes 4 / 10


This movie is about a young college girl who lost her mentally ill mother. The main character Rose and her father move to a new place and they have a troubled relationship as Rose resents her father for getting more work to do when her mother got really sick. The house they moved to has a history, a girl who lived there, called Rachel, went missing and was never found.

There are a lot of problems with this movie and I'm not going to comment on the cliches because I honestly don't mind cliches as long as they are well done, which is not the case.

The movie seems to try to set the idea that Rose might have the same illness as her mother, but... It's so not convincing that a lot of the father/daughter dialogue feels dumb. Which brings us to another problem: the dialogue as a whole. There is so much exposition going on it's annoying especially since the "mistery" of the movie is so obvious since so early in the movie. I mean they did a kind of nice job in the very beginning when Rose is suspicious of Lila's father, but then they just made it all go away when Rose accused the guy in the middle of the street and for some weird reason instead of being really mad at a girl - who you just talked once - for doing that to your father, Lila explains everything to Rose, even very personal things and continues to be good friends with her. It's just so unrealistic and that pushed me right out of the movie. And it's sad to watch it after that because you can see that they are trying to make you confused about who is the person that killed Rachel when you already know ages ago. And I am a person who is AWFUL at figure this things out in movies.

Anyway, I think it could have been a nice cliche horror movie, but its incredible predictability killed it.

Reviewed by drkarm 1 / 10

Soooo painfully terrible

The plot is so bad, its mind numbing. I don't care, in general, what movie reviewers have to say. However, all of them are pretty spot on for this.

Terrible plot- Most times a movie knows where its going with its plot, this on the other hand seemed like it was improvising every step of the way. Nothing original, nothing new, doesn't add anything to the genre.

Terrible Acting-Miranda Cosgrove is so bad in this. All the other characters are forgettable as well.

Terribly not scary- It's laughable really.

and above all just a really bad job with everything. Time that you will never get back.

Reviewed by jmckiernan-24535 1 / 10

Don't bother.

I think I meant to watch Intruders (2015) and instead somehow ended up with this crud: The Intruders (2015). This isn't gonna be a long review because the less time we all waste here the better.

It was absolutely fecking painful to watch, they have taken a few ideas used successfully in other films and done bugger all with them.

Oh man, you know what, I can't even be bothered critiquing this POS, it was depressingly bad and just trying to think about it now that it is over is making seriously want to die.

I need a drink.

Just skip it, no redeeming features whatsoever.

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