The Interpreter


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Nicole Kidman as Silvia Broome
Sean Penn as Tobin Keller
Catherine Keener as Dot Woods
Jesper Christensen as Nils Lud
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Reviewed by eric262003 9 / 10

A Great Send-Off In Sydney Pollack's Last Directed Film

In his last few outings before his death in 2008, Sydney Pollack has made an abundance of average films. In 2005, three years before his death, Pollack closes up his directing career with a gripping suspenseful eye-opener of movie titled "The Interpreter". The movie itself is saturated with scintillating performances, the characters are sublime and the never once does the viewer's intelligence never gets insulted. The story has a feeling like a modern-day Alfred Hitchcock feeling to it as the suspense will likely keep you intrigued. This is the swan song in Pollack's final directorial project that couldn't have come at a better time.

The story kicks off as United Nations African interpreter Silvia Broome (Nicole Kidman) was gathering personal apparatuses when she overhears a plot to have her country's president assassinated in which involves a visit from an African dignitary. Fearing her life is in danger, Silvia calls up F.B.I. Secret Service Agent Tobin Keller (Sean Penn), who has immediate suspicions about her, but softens up to her knowing there's more to the story than what she's telling him. Fearing her life is in peril, while not telling Keller all the details, Silvia is now in whirlpool of trouble as the dignitary is coming to her neck of the woods in a matter of days.

Though aging and not in the best of health at the time, we wondered if Pollack still had in him. The man brought us "Out of Africa" has made come back to the thriller genre which stapled his career to exceptional fame with films like "Three Days of the Condor" and "The Firm". As the years gone by, Pollack's directed has fizzled with mindless drivel like "Random Hearts". But not here in "The Interpreter", he sails away nicely with an exciting thriller that will likely keep you on your toes.

In the world of movies where the young is dominant, this 71-year old utilizes his dedication and his audiences respect and his clever pacing while refraining from spoon-feeding every detail that comes onto screen. This is a great way to show that for a thriller it's neither mindless drivel or a half-baked effort even if it won't garner any Oscars. Even though the thrills are the key component to this film, "The Interpreter" has a well developed characters that sort of grow onto you as the film progresses. Pollack has good timing when it comes down to boiling points as to when the plot thickens and the suspense level gets more under your skin. This results in the performers to actually get a better enhancement on the characters they're portraying making them all the more crowd pleasing rather than predictable and one-dimensional. This is truly one of Pollack's best directing projects in a long time where suspense, pathos, and perpetual unsettling the whole way through.

The most important scenes that deserves the utmost attention comes from the scenes emanating from the bus. Without giving away spoilers, the ingredients to an outstanding thriller we have an interpreter who heard too much, distressed politicians, overwhelmed F.B.I. agents, and top that all off with explosives in a tight moving surface. These set pieces are what makes this movie all the more special. This scene alone is worth the price of admission.

As Silvia, Kidman has proved she's one of the best performers in the industry today, even in non-Oscar caliber films. Her vast versatility speaks volumes with her movie-star hair even down to the African accent, we get lost in her role she plays as we question what allegiance she truly represents and we begin to trivialize whether her innocence is coincidental or if there's more than meets the eye. Kidman keeps the mysterious level in her character throughout and never lets it go and continually gives Penn's character more in doubt of what she really stands out for. Penn has a more difficult job at hand and his expressions speak louder than what it seems. This gives Penn more of a good excuse to get more inquisitive with Silvia and to find newer hooks to further enhance his character's drive. With the assistance of a wonderful script by Martin Stellman and Brian Ward, Penn and Kidman could still turn an average film into something provocative and through the direction of Pollack, this mediocre thriller has enough spark to keep the thriller aficionado enlightened but never insulted.

With the remarkable cinematography under Darius Khondji, "The Interpreter" is pure eye candy along with all the other parts of the anatomy that will have you tingling with excitement. It's nice to see Pollack back in his thrilling force. Though in the last years in life he did production, this movie was truly his last moment to shine and couldn't have come at a better time. A big salute to a career for the director Sydney Pollack.

Reviewed by Python Hyena 9 / 10

Interpreting Kidman as a Hottie.

The Interpreter (2005): Dir: Sydney Pollack / Cast: Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Catherine Keener, Earl Cameron, Jesper Christensen: Tense and provocative thriller about translation and connection. Nicole Kidman plays an interpreter who was raised in Africa and she overhears an assassination plan. Sean Penn plays an investigator assigned to dissect claim or truth of her accusations. Great setup is very detailed and doesn't give in to conventions until dealing with a hinted innuendo. Directed by Sydney Pollack who makes details uncertain. He can expand any genre with films such as Tootsie and Absent of Malice. Kidman holds strong and takes viewers into the details of her job. She is skilled at her job but becomes involved in a struggle for survival when paranoia checks in mixed with consequences. Penn as the cop recently lost his wife to infidelity then to death. The issue with Penn is that he is a great actor positioned mainly as a potential romantic tease to Kidman. Catherine Keener as Penn's partner is another fine actor wasted in standard material that is beneath her. Earl Cameron as the political figure in question is not seen much but the role is polished with plot twists and facts that have Kidman taking aim. Perhaps the film's one weakness is that supporting characters aren't as well drawn as they should be. Tense thriller about operations and hearing things you shouldn't. Score: 9 / 10

Reviewed by kapelusznik18 7 / 10

Hey someone forgot to pick up their lunch!

****SPOILERS****Silvia Broome,Nicole Kidman,a white transplanted Matoboin is the official interrupter for the United Nations in NYC who one night, in her retrieving a box of junk she left behind, overhears a conversation between two shadowy figures in the darkened UN Gerneral Assembly room. The two speaking in the indigenous to the nation of Matobo Africn Ku dialect describe a secret plot to knock off Matobo dictator Edmond "Crazy Eddie" Zuwanie, Earl Cameron, while he addresses it three days hence. Zuwanie a Nelson Mendela-like for the people popular revolutionary had since turned into a Idi Amin like ruthless dictator after he took power. Thus proving that power corrupts even the most what seemed like a truly man of the people and incorruptible Eddie Zuwanie. As for Silvia she has a score to settle with Eddie in that he, or his men, were responsible for the deaths of her parents and sister. That's when their jeep hit a land mine planted by Eddie's troops that blew them to bits.

It's when Silvia reported the assassination plot to the police she became a target of the assassins which in fact blew their cover! And that had the US secret Srevice headed by Tobkin Keller, Sean "Pencilneck" Penn,called into the case. There's also Eddie's main rival for power back in Matobo Kuman-Kuman, George Harris, who's suspected to be behind the plot to ice Eddie whom Keller and his crew are out to interrogate. It's in Brooklyn's Crown Heights district that Silvia jumps the gun to get to Kuman-Kuman first who's at the time riding the B133 bus to his job as a counter or sandwich man at a local bodega. Only with her exiting the bus, in getting nowhere in talking to him, before the fireworks went off! Thus having Kuman-Kuman as well as the bus passengers blown apart by a bomb left there by one of Eddie's henchmen.

****SPOILERS**** Things come to a surprising conclusion at the UN General Assembly as Eddie, who's expected to be arrested for crimes against humanity after his speech, makes hit pitch to escape justice in proving that he's not the murderous low-life creep that he's been depicted by the press as well as fellow Matoboins. It's there that the entire plot to knock him off falls apart by the quick actions of Agent Keller. Not in assassinating him but making him a martyr, a live one at that, in it looking like his assassination was foiled by faith or providence just in the nick of time! Thus making Eddie look like he's the victim of all this chicanery, that he in fact dreamed up, not the victimizer of his own people! This was the very first and as far as I know only film actually made in the United Nation with the director, who had a cameo role in it as Jay Pettigrew, Sydney Pollack getting permission from UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to film there. The film also turned out to be the last film that Pollack directed.

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