The Incredible Hulk


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
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Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark
Edward Norton as Bruce Banner
Liv Tyler as Betty Ross
William Hurt as General 'Thunderbolt' Ross
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by masterdm31 6 / 10

Only Enjoyable for Comic Lovers

The Incredible Hulk (2008) stars Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, who isn't the greatest Hulk by any means. The backstory of Banner was good and interesting, different from any of the other Marvel characters, but the movie drags out so long. The Hulk is really only on-screen for a combined 15 minutes, including the last fight seen with Abomination. The villain in this movie is confusing to detect as well. Movie is just boring and drawn out, only enjoyable for die hard Hulk fans, but if you miss it, there is no problem.

Reviewed by theTiGor 5 / 10

Entertaining if you let it be...

This is typical 'brain candy' fare. It can be a fun movie to watch if only you don't take it too seriously or try to read much into it. It is perhaps best to watch it presuming that *everything* you are seeing is set in a fictitious universe that only shares a certain number of things in common with the one we live in and know well. Current and former military personnel will have to find a way to ignore a number of things that are obviously not right, such as exclusive use of uniforms (woodland BDU's) that were phased out of use by the time the movie was released (2008), and curious wear of those, such as only having name tapes but no service tapes ('U.S. ARMY') sewn on and flagrant violations of the grooming standards we're used to. Helicopters marked 'USAF' rather than 'United States Air Force' would be another oddity many will notice. Again, it's an action film about something that is highly unlikely to even be possible in the first place, not a documentary! Overlook the things that 'aren't right', go with the flow, and have fun with it.

Reviewed by Kshitiz Mangal Bajracharya 7 / 10

Watchable but could've been better.


Ten years and 17 films later, unlike Iron Man, this one seems to be forgettable. The major reasons are not that it was a stupid film, but merely due to Mark Ruffalo being re-casted as Hulk in The Avengers, which felt like an unofficial reboot for the character. Nothing about this film is mentioned, apart from the super soldier stuffs in Captain America : The First Avenger. None of the characters, except Hulk, of this film has been reintroduced or referenced in any MCU film after this, not till date. The film does tie up well with other films which came out after this, but rest of the thing .... it just feels like "there was a Hulk movie in MCU" and that's it.

First and foremost, it doesn't have that typical MCU tone. It really feels like another Hulk film, which was pretty enjoyable and quite watchable. A good thing was that it "montaged" the origins story right in the beginning, which meant we will get to know his origins and we will get a typical "superhero in action" film. The film holds up to this, we do get a good (not excellent or great, but good) Hulk film with appreciable actions (the final two especially) and a little character story. The film, unlike the present day MCU films lack stupid and cheesy one liners, but do have some comedic parts which do not really fit well in the parts they appear. And some Hulk moments like he couldn't get physical due to his condition and how he claps to prevent the helicopter from catching up the fire felt too much and a bit cringe-worthy. The villain (Blonsky) has a good build-up. He is more believable than Stane from Iron Man. But him wanting to become Hulk and the new "super soldier" and all that stuff feels like "I am a supervillain of a superhero film, I need a superpower" stuff, just for the finale fight. His motivations are indicated, but nothing explains the reasons behind them properly. Apart from these things, the film is overall above average-ish. The story flows very fluently and nothing really seems too rushed, except for some parts of Blonsky getting converted into Abomination. And one surprising thing was the romance between Betty and Banner. It served as an integral part of the story and isn't cheesy at all. The romance part was really good. I am still surprised that a romance served a good purpose in a superhero film. It didn't feel unnecessary.

All in all, watchable. But the parts I didn't like could've been made better. Edward Norton as Hulk was good. If only we could've got him as Hulk in the films after this, the film would have aged well with time. Mark Ruffalo as Hulk is very good, I admit. But for this film to mean something more, Norton should've still been the Hulk. Liv Tyler and Tim Roth were really impressive. It was still a standalone film like Iron Man, had a build-up to Avengers towards the end, though it ties up with first Captain America film in the MCU, but obviously a lot less likable.

Score : 7.1/10

Grade : B+

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