The Inbetweeners 2


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Belinda Stewart-Wilson as Polly MacKenzie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Steve 4 / 10

Distinctly Average

The Inbetweeners 2 - the sequel to the original amazing film. What a disappointment.

Distinctly average film with some laugh out loud moments, but mostly cringe and not funny jokes. The ending was very sudden and not well thought out. It smells of an attempt to cash in but the material is not fresh/original and doesn't really work compared to the original. The original was witty, clever and had lots of great awkward moments that you could empathise with however the sequel seems to just try and recreate that rather than try and be original in its own right, and as such just leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth.

Reviewed by Dave 5 / 10


This is the follow-up to The Inbetweeners Movie. Jay is in Sydney and invites his three friends - Will, Simon and Neil - to join him there. He claims to be a rich playboy DJ at a nightclub and that he lives in a mansion. When his friends arrive, they realise that he actually is a toilet attendant in the nightclub - and lives in a tent in his father's cousin's front garden.

The four lads go to Byron Bay in Jay's car, then run out of petrol whilst driving to Birdsville. They go back to Sydney, then go to Vietnam, before returning home.

This isn't as good as the first film.

Reviewed by pjbhaumik 6 / 10

Nutty Adventure DownUnder

Taking a break from school and traveling relinquished a nerdy college trio from social ostracism! The frugal reprieve down-under intertwined adventure and romance with satire and physical even grotesque comedy. Two cultures melded in the exotic subtropic paradise of Australia. The Aussie natives toyed with the naive American nerds' puerile ambitions. Persistence paid off as the sparks began to fly but not without comedic trials and tribulations. Outlandish failures hampered the wooing wanderers along their journey, yet these undaunted travelers persevered in discovering friendship. There was ample situational irony for prognostic movie buffs yet sufficiently familiar characters for everyday audiences.

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