The Immigrant


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 61%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 24689


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Marion Cotillard as Ewa Cybulska
Jeremy Renner as Orlando the Magician / Emil
Joaquin Phoenix as Bruno Weiss
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Imdbidia 6 / 10

A flat ride

The Immigrant has all the ingredients to be a blockbuster and an excellent movie: great actors, fantastic production, great atmosphere, historical settings, and a touching story about the harshness of immigration in the USA after the WW1 without sugar-coated BS. Yet, for whatever reason, the movie felt flat most of the time to me, and not touching despite the story being a priori very touching.

Phoenix is always great in whatever he does, and he's the only actor whose character I felt and believed to be real in this film. Marion Cotillard is really sweet but, despite the role being written for her, the dramatic coloratura of the script, speaking in Polish, and shedding the perfect tear, her acting feels flat, as if she had taken a muscular relaxant during the film; unfortunately, I didn't think her acting was coming from the heart and it didn't touch mine. I found Jeremy Renner miscast in his role, he has no chemistry with Cotillard on camera and he was never meant to be a rival of the always powerful Phoenix.

The script has no tempo, unfortunately, so it dragged me alone on a two-hour flat ride. You know, the movie is really sad and emotional, but it rarely moved me, intrigued me, or kept me waiting for what was coming next. The movie felt, depending of the times, clichéd, phony, overly melodramatic, a bit frigid, but mostly unfocused and confused, and that's always the director's fault.

Overall, this is a nice film to watch, but it deflates before it gets fully inflated. There are many things I liked about this film, truly, but nothing I really loved, unfortunately.

Reviewed by Suzie 5 / 10

Really boring film

The acting is good, the production is good, the script is not and so the film is a dud.

The film deals with a difficult subject matter but does not present it in a way that is entertaining or enlightening. It's just cheap emotions and melodrama, searching for emotional payoff without any of the set up.

It just tries to tug at your heart strings. Nothing more.

I can't believe how much praise this film has got. It's really a soapy melodrama for people that don't watch day-time soaps. You can cut a soap to 2 hours instead of a million episodes, you could hire big stars, you could use film instead of digital, you could play it at night instead of daytime, show it in the theater instead of on TV, but soap is soap.

How do you say "soap" in Polish?

Reviewed by dromasca 5 / 10

melodramatic immigration story

Director James Gray returns in his 2013 production of The Immigrant to one of his recurrent themes - the one that made him known in the first long feature film he made Little Odessa - immigration, and to his preferred background which features also in his debut but also in the more recent Two Lovers - New York. Actually his other well known feature film We Own the Night was not located too remotely as well. In all his last film we also enjoy the presence of Joaquin Phoenix, an actor that I highly appreciate. We can already speak about a cluster of works happening more or less in the same milieu, with a team of actors and a style of story telling that make it consistent. Not necessarily successful - to my taste at least.

This story of two sisters arriving in New York in the 1920s, and their fight to remain in the New Promised Land and survive by all means could have been made in 1930, or 1960, or 1990. It would have looked a little different as technical means differ, but otherwise not too much seems to have changed. The 2013 version adds too little from an emotional point of view to really make a true emotional or social impact. Neither does the passionate and tragic love story between the pimp and the new innocent immigrant look too true. It starts as a story of mutual destruction, it continues as a tragic love triangle, it ends by destroying the charmer and the harmer in a too much expected way.

If there is one actress who can play wonderfully melodrama today on screens, this is Marion Cotillard. She does exactly what is expected, and so does Joaquin Phoenix. This is not enough. Director James Gray knows how to tell a story on screen, but his style must overcome the clichés in order to free the good director we guess he is. Chaplin's film with the same name made almost 100 years ago still remains a stake of value hard to exceed.

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