The Imitation Game


Action / Biography / Drama / History / Thriller / War

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing
Keira Knightley as Joan Clarke
Matthew Goode as Hugh Alexander
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by awalquist 4 / 10

Meh, not very interesting to me

Reading the Wikipedia page on Alan Turing and his invention was more captivating than watching this movie. Watched based on a friend's recommendation. Would have liked to see more of how the "bombe" was designed and how it worked. Basically skipped through all of the emotional fluff, it was predictable and overemphasized. Didn't feel like the characters developed in a very natural way even though the film is nearly 2 hours long. Perhaps I had the wrong expectation.

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 10 / 10

An extraordinary biography, flawlessly depicted

On the verge of the second world war, a group of highly educated people are gathered in a desperate attempt of trying to break a complex encrypting machine, which the Germans used in their daily communications. Among them, a highly arrogant but brilliant mathematician decides to take matters into his own hands, thus not receiving much support from his colleagues. After much work and some intervention from an intelligent woman, he will create the first computer known to man, which will ultimately have to face the Enigma encryption machine.

It's an excellent biography, which manages, with the help of its great cast, to deliver a very good imagining of the last part of Alan Turing's life, in which he manages to create one of the most important inventions of mankind. His troubled life is presented in-depth, with its many bumps and blockades which he must face in order to see his dream come to life, dream which will play a determinate role in the upcoming war. It's very trilling and suspenseful with a high dose of drama on top, a very good piece of cinematography, which totally deserves its academy awards.

Reviewed by bryanhchu 4 / 10


There is some great acting and some good dialogue and an okay story and that is it. I really didn't feel any emotion for the characters, especially in the flashbacks. Even when Turing is breaking down because of his persecution for his sexuality, even with the excellent acting from Benedict Cumberbatch, I still felt next to no real emotion for the character. You can't just plop down a character, say he's gay, say he's persecuted, and make him cry and expect me to feel for him, no matter how good the acting is. You need to flesh out the character and make the audience connect with him. Same thing goes for the scene where they are forced to let one of the team's brother die. I knew nothing about the character or the fact that he had a brother up to then, and I had no reason to care.

I usually don't care to much about a movies accuracy to reality. If it's a good story and an entertaining movie then who cares if it's accurate? But this movie seriously annoyed me for a few reasons. Turing's character is unbelievably exaggerated and it ultimately hurts the movie. He's shown as a genius asshole who doesn't understand how to act human. This does not make him likable in any way and it does not make the story more interesting. The story itself is very inaccurate as well, skipping some parts, overemphasizing some parts, and straight up inventing other parts. The real story many not be as "audience friendly" but it is much more interesting. There was no reason to warp the plot so hard.

At the end of the day, it has flat unlikeable characters, a meh plot, and creates no emotional investment. I am physically incapable of comprehending the fact that this got nominated for best picture, especially with so many other great movies out this year.

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