The Huntsman: Winter's War


Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 73742


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Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman / Eric
Sam Claflin as William
Charlize Theron as Ravenna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alexis Long ([email protected]) 10 / 10


so this one picked up right where things left off and I liked that a lot was upset that the ice queen was playing jokes one these two people that feel in love over the years they where training but It was amazing. at the end the ice queen dies and so does her sister. the mirror was broken by the huntsman. the ice queen turned the mirror into ice and the huntsman throw his axed at it and it broke in to pieces and that was the best part to see that they both got what was coming for them. sadly a lot of the ice queens kids that she took from other people died. but she was still able to do stuff that she wanted by the time of her death

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 7 / 10

The Ice Queen

The evil Ravenna (Charlize Theron) finds that he sister Freya (Emily Blunt) is pregnant and in love with a noble. Freya gives birth to a baby girl but her beloved lover murders the baby and her rage unleashes ice powers and she kills him. Freya heads to North and builds a palace and an army that captures children from the villages to be raised as soldiers without love. Years later, their children Eric (Chris Hemsworth) and Sara (Jessica Chastain) are grown-up and in love with each other. They plan to flee from the castle, but Freya finds and builds an ice wall between them. Eric sees Sara being murdered stabbed on her back by their friend Tull (Sope Dirisu) and he is dumped in a frozen river but he survives. Eric, a.k.a. The huntsman grieves the death of his beloved Sara on a daily basis. One day, Snow White is ill and her husband seeks out Eric to tell that the Magic Mirror was taken while carried to a place called Sanctuary. Eric teams-up with two dwarfs to find the mirror, but they are attacked by Freya army and saved by Sara that is alive. She tells that she saw Eric leaving her alone, and he concludes that Freya gave different visions for each of them. They retrieve the mirror but Sara betrays Eric and Queen Freya and her army takes the mirror and captures the group. Then she asks Sara to kill Eric and she follows the order. Whal will happen now that Freya has the magic mirror?

"The Huntsman: Winter's War" is an entertaining fantasy full of action with great cast and special effects. The plot is a prequel of "Snow White and the Huntsman" with Ravenna and the Huntsman, and introducing Freya and Sara. The film may not be recommended by professional critics but fortunately I am amateur. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Caçador e a Rainha do Gelo" ("The Huntsman and the Ice Queen")

Reviewed by OneEightNine Media 1 / 10

It is so bad

I guess I should review this snoozefest while am motivated to waste even more of my time on it. First off, I did not watch the first film so I can not compare the two films. After this one, I'm not planning on ever watching the first Huntsman movie. Anyway, the biggest problem I have with the film is the predictability. The movie was so predictable that I literally knew what the story narrator was going to say before he said it. And why they do you need someone narrating the first 20 minutes of a 2 hour movie anyway? I'll tell you why, because it sucks. Oh, and I need to talk about Jessica Chastain. Jessica Chastain's accent is AWFUL! She sounded like an American doing an exceptionally bad impression of a Scotsman. Isn't Jessica Chastain an award winning actress? I know she did this movie for a paycheck but at the very least she could have pretended like she was taking the role seriously. But yeah, I'm not over exaggerating. Her accent was so laughable and goofy that I had to laugh the one second her voice went low and her American accent came out. But this movie was a lost cause before Jessica Chastain even came on screen. The action isn't nearly enough and the movie isn't even worth watching for the action anyway! If this sounds like a partial review of the movie, that is because it is. I stopped watching after 20 minutes. Time is something you can not get back and I didn't want to waste another second on this film.

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