The Humbling


Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 52%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
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Al Pacino as Simon Axler
Greta Gerwig as Pegeen Mike Stapleford
Kyra Sedgwick as Louise Trenner
Dianne Wiest as Carol
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Life is a play

Fiction and reality are sometimes very near each other. So close that you might not be able to tell them apart. Add to that mix a life in theater and a wild imagination ... well you kind of got what this movie is about. The beginning makes it obvious, that Al Pacinos character has some issues staying focused to say the least.

He also has some other issues (some in bed, some artistic and some with his sanity). And that's almost just scratching the surface. The movie wants a lot and is interesting enough (especially with Pacino being "game" if you'll excuse the pun). We also get a muse, that shouldn't be involved with him (age wise, sexual orientation wise and much more) ... but they kind of pull it off. So while this is as strange as it gets, it might be able to float your boat

Reviewed by leplatypus 4 / 10

missed opportunity (web)

This line is in the movie and applies to it perfectly. It's even closer: Al plays a great actor in decline and it's exactly what's the movie turns to be: Al in decline or more accurately Al in a really bad movie.

Indeed, this production is the usual BS that Hollywood feds up with since a couple of years:

  • awful orange / blue grading: maybe it's a bit less exaggerated here as there is some beautiful natural light but when the grass is green, i still don't want to see it brown.

  • the gay character: in the 80s, every family movie needs to have a dog; in the 2000s, every American movie needs a lesbian or fag: they are so much everywhere that you could expect it's the norm now.

  • the shrink character: as the previous one, this one seems also inescapable and it's rather a gloom verdict: in American movies, it seems that personal problems means psychiatric ones and to have a better life, you must be cured by those incredible medicine officers! This analysis arises indeed when the character fails to work... Did the writer ever heard about economy and being old ????

  • the wealthy character: forget the old ordinary, working people, now Hollywood stars want only movies that matches their lifestyle and you wonder why the budget are so important!

  • the narcissus behind the scenes: Hollywood doing movies about actors, movies is just the ground 0 of imagination, filmmaking! With all their money, they are shameful lazy to bring new ideas!

  • the amoral romance with a Grandpa and a young woman: Here the age difference is 43 years and they mall call it love, i call it light incest: it's like a Dad sublimates his pulsation with a surrogate daughter. I remember to have watched a stinker like this recently (Elegy with PĂ©nelope) and i'm not surprised it has the same pitiful (and old) writer Roth!

So with all that BS, it was painful to watch Al, all the more that he was doing comedy for one time! His Shakespeare moments are also great because he is really into that and i suppose that we are really close to the real Al (messy hair, slumped, bad dark dressed) but at the end, this movie is rather disgusting! Actually, with a feeble Spielberg (bridge of spies) and a poor Al, we must realize that American movies are in big crisis if not in total decay and fresh air, new ideas must come in if they want to inspire again!!!

Reviewed by bestactress-1 10 / 10

Al Pacino's autobiography

This film speaks to the genius of Al Pacino. Where an ordinary actor, or in his case film icon, would dictate his life story to a writer or simply write a book, in staying true to his magnitude as an actor and being the true artist that he is, he decides to sum up parts of his life, make into a film with extreme highs and lows obviously. Yes, it is an adaptation of a novel, but adapted into a script that Pacino can speak through and put his stamp on. Am I talking out of thin air? No! I was fortunate enough to see a screening of it where Al Pacino spoke afterwards, and he himself said it was somewhat autobiographical, and that's the way I felt when I was watching the film, and that it took about a year to write the script, or adapt it into the film, so it was wonderful to hear him confirm that "autobiographical part". I think he may continue to make films like this for a while, that he can speak about his own life through, his true fans will appreciate it, and it will be a part of his legacy as an actor. Good for him!

It's brilliantly funny, and it's for the intellectual palate, it's not your typical Hollywood comedy with silly fart jokes, this is humor with sophistication, humor that actually titillates your brain. It's also low budget, don't expect explosions and cgi, this is an actor's film. For people who love good acting and an intricate story. His acting in it is superb, this is my personal favorite performance of his. You get a window into his intellect, his personal thoughts on acting all through this character. At the end you come out knowing this man is only interested in one thing, the truth in his work, and being truthful in it. When the film opened, I said to myself "oh, this is similar to Birman," (which I thought was just okay) but as it progressed, I realized there was no comparisons and all of the accolades that film got, The Humbling deserved and I personally loved it. They're similar except this is a million times better, you actually get what it's about and it's not abstract for the sake of being abstract with fancy camera tricks to distract you from a fragmented story. Yes there are so many partisan reviews promoting self-interest and bashing good films that deserve a chance. I urge everyone who loves Pacino or has loved any film he's been in prior to see this film.

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