The Humanity Bureau


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Nicolas Cage as Noah Kross
Sarah Lind as Rachel Weller
Hugh Dillon as Adam Westinghouse
Jakob Davies as Lucas Weller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Richard Davis 1 / 10

This is an awful movie...

I've just watched this, and I have to say - it's horrible.

It's pretty sad to see the demise of a great Hollywood actor, being forced to take roles in such awful, low budget films to pay the rent (and tax). Such a shame - Nick Cage is pretty much ruined forever now.

The movie, without revealing the plot, takes a 70 year old truth and projects it forward in a very predictable "run it by the numbers" sort of way. The plot line is thin. The acting is thin. The story isn't worth watching or listening to.

It seems to me, that writers are being specifically forced to write stories that deliberately focus on using ultra low-budget locations, very small casts and low budget FX to keep the overall film budget super-low to de-risk everything. This very notion is utterly evident here, where everything smacks of a "cheap, low budget and straight to DVD/TV Movie" effort.

It's largely unwatchable in places. Examples of this are:

1 - Early on, someone that Cage's character is talking to attempts to murder him. The acting and dialogue is utterly, utterly dire.

2 - Towards the end, a child is escaping the clutches of a villain in an old warehouse. This is so stupidly acted and "storied" that it's laughable.

3 - The main protagonist/villain is so awful throughout, they really ought to curl up in a ball and hang their heads in shame at their performance.

The big "reveal" at the end. Dear, oh dear. It was lame, predictable and utterly underwhelming. Don't touch this with a barge-pole and go watch Wind River instead if you want a good, absorbing thriller!

Reviewed by somethingclever1 2 / 10

Do not watch unless you enjoy torture. Ignore the rating (6.4 at time of review)

This movie is awful. It doesn't even manage to be comically watchable. I have never written a review for a movie or show despite a few thousand ratings. This was so terrible I was compelled to warn people.

I will finish this review, despite the fact that in my frustration at having sat through this mind-bogglingly stupid movie, and while writing this, I spilled a drink and ruined a mouse and a keyboard.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 3 / 10

another Nicolas Cage special

In the near future, America is devastated by evironmental and economic disasters. Noah Kross (Nicolas Cage) is an agent of the Humanity Bureau, a government agency which determines whether a citizen is productive or not. He is sent to evaluate the farm of Rachel Weller and her son Lucas. The farm is barren and Kross decides to send them to the relocation center. When he gives them a break, his superior Adam Westinghouse (Hugh Dillon) seeks to stop them all.

It seems like the filmmakers conceived of a dystopian world but failed to create a compelling story within it. This is another Cage special. It should be a warning sign for any of his recent movies. If he thinks the script is great, there is no doubt that something is wrong with it. The big reveal reminds me of Soylent Green. In fact, I'd rather have Soylent Green. This is generally cheap, inferior in every way, and lacking intensity. Cage is going through the motion. This is a small Canadian sci-fi indie trying to hit above its weight and failing.

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