The Human Race


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 10026


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Trista Robinson as Deaf Female
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cmovies-99674 6 / 10

The whole premise of the movie was nice, but the editing and filming needed improvement

PROS: This indie film took me by surprise. I quite enjoyed how detailed the plot was. It was simple but it was also stable. This set up a very nice movie. The whole Idea of people doing what they can to survive in a very basic game is quite cliché, but also very dynamic. What I most appreciated about this movie was the ending. Not often do you wind up watching a mediocre movie with a great ending, but this ending was very well thought out. It connected to the rest of the film while still being very open ended. It went together quite seamlessly. Another good part of the film was the acting. It was a large cast in an indie film, but that being said it still felt genuine which was nice.

CONS: The one issue I had was the build up of tension. I talk about this a lot, because it is very important, but the build up of tension is what makes or brakes a film. This movie felt like it dragged a lot. Certain scenes were too long, and others were too short. This made the film unbalanced and it made it also feel very slow.

Reviewed by ericrnolan 7 / 10

A short review of "The Human Race" (2013)

"The Human Race" (2013) isn't really the under-recognized gem that I was led to believe it was — it's actually mediocre in some ways. The dialogue is downright bad, the acting is mostly below average, and the limited special effects budget definitely shows.

It … still held my attention, though, thanks to a devilish story concept and some brutal plot turns. (Eighty diverse strangers are mysteriously transported to an isolated location, where powerful unseen entities force them to eliminate one another in a "race" to the death.) I do realize that there have been a spate of low- budget, "Saw"-inspired movies like this, and that this kind of story device should be familiar to horror movie fans by now.

But there is some pathologically wicked story development here — consider, for example, that contenders include an elderly man, a pregnant woman and a veteran who has had a leg amputated. And while several contenders make heroic choices, several others take a sociopathic glee in eliminating their opponents. Writer-director Paul Hough might be terrible at writing dialogue, but he does know how to craft a surreal horror story with some horrific and unexpected turns. (Yeesh.)

There is also a standout performance by Trista Robinson as a secondary character. (She is the more tenacious half of a deaf couple who are teleported and forced to compete.) In a film with little admirable acting, she still plays her role with skill and intensity. This is a talented actress.

All in all, this is a flawed low-budget film that is still decent fare for a horror fan. I'd rate it a 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by lbpaddict 7 / 10

Haha, what a thrill of movies.

I had absolutely a fun time watching this, it made me feel and make laughs, I was intrigued by many of the surprised twists and all the different unique death. They put many emotion into my heart when watching this movie and I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good times. However movie was completely awful and I'm not sure you want to watch. The character had a lot of depth and he was a pretty funny. I'm just not sure if that's enough for the guys this day and age. What if we could do more movie with this. What if it could have become longer and more build up to the finals. If I could production this I would have made it a much more longer. I would continued past the twist ending and gave satisfy of the ending. If that is not appeal to you I don't know what is not. Please let me know if this is helpful to you if you watched the Human Racing movie. Thanks many -Mark

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