The Human Centipede III


Action / Comedy / Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Eric Roberts as Governor Hughes
Bree Olson as Daisy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jackmeat 4 / 10

Interesting way to make sequels, but still just bleh

My quick rating - 4,1/10. Don't listen to any nonsense about how violent/gore filled this is. It just isn't. The movie leads itself to being a sequel within a new movie premise taken a step further from how part 2 was to 1. Kudos to Tom Six for making sequels that don't follow the traditional role, but smack him at the same time for being so pretentious to think a film fan won't see right through his arrogance. Multiple scenes of what Tom considers humor point this out entirely by being long, drawn out scenes with Deiter Laser (Bill Boss) acting like a complete jackass overacting a joke to the point that would make Jim Carrey cringe. Basically the story in a nutshell (about all you need) is a deranged prison warden (Laser) decides at his last straw to use the ideas from the Human Centipede movies to punish criminals and deter further offenders to ever break the law. This revelation is made when the governor (played by, wait for it, Eric Roberts) gives Boss 2 weeks to get his prison in order. What better way then take all the prisoners and sew them ass to mouth together, right? Anyway, back to the gore, a scene or two MAY have been considered "gross" years ago, but there is nothing to raw at all. Some of the humor is quite funny in a very dark way (his idea of health food is one of them) but the overshadowing of the poor acting is a deterrent (in other words, yes, it is a b- budget movie BUT it was so painfully obvious the actors were purposely acting bad to become a b-budget movie) So again the numbnut,Tom Six, thinks he is outsmarting the audience with this backasswards attempt at laughs. These laughs tend to come more from suggestion and the cheesy attempt at being an exploitative film(women should love a secretary named "Tits") All and all, it has the pros but is to outweighed by the cons. Good news, it was only supposed to be a trilogy, so we may be spared of another one.

Reviewed by flyerx 10 / 10


But the best movie of the trilogy. Also i really liked Dieter Lasers role.

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 1 / 10

No more centipedes!

I think this is the first time I write a review about a movie that I have not been able to watch until the end. I firmly believe, after seeing this film, that Tom Six should have some serious mental problem, and I am very sorry because I have never had anything against him personally. I sincerely hope that he will stop working at the movies and be very happy in any other profession.

If "Human Centipede" and the sequel that was inexplicably made afterwards were very bad movies, this movie set the record. Again, there is no real script here but a context and a cause. The context is the prison world and the cause is the madness and insanity of the guards and prison director who decide to build the "centipede" with hundreds of prisoners whom they think should be punished more severely. The mistakes continue, that "medically accurate" crap is no longer convincing and is clearly being used with sarcasm and the characters are deeply void.

Repeating what I wrote for the second movie, I've never been a fan of gore movies, despite being an admirer of horror movies. Blood and fluids do not scare me, and I honestly do not feel like watching a movie if I suspect it's going to make me throw up my lunch. If I tried watching this movie it was just to be aware of the extent of the crap I already knew he had. I really hope it's the end of the centipedes.

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