The Human Centipede III


Action / Comedy / Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Eric Roberts as Governor Hughes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by flyerx 10 / 10


But the best movie of the trilogy. Also i really liked Dieter Lasers role.

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 1 / 10

No more centipedes!

I think this is the first time I write a review about a movie that I have not been able to watch until the end. I firmly believe, after seeing this film, that Tom Six should have some serious mental problem, and I am very sorry because I have never had anything against him personally. I sincerely hope that he will stop working at the movies and be very happy in any other profession.

If "Human Centipede" and the sequel that was inexplicably made afterwards were very bad movies, this movie set the record. Again, there is no real script here but a context and a cause. The context is the prison world and the cause is the madness and insanity of the guards and prison director who decide to build the "centipede" with hundreds of prisoners whom they think should be punished more severely. The mistakes continue, that "medically accurate" crap is no longer convincing and is clearly being used with sarcasm and the characters are deeply void.

Repeating what I wrote for the second movie, I've never been a fan of gore movies, despite being an admirer of horror movies. Blood and fluids do not scare me, and I honestly do not feel like watching a movie if I suspect it's going to make me throw up my lunch. If I tried watching this movie it was just to be aware of the extent of the crap I already knew he had. I really hope it's the end of the centipedes.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 3 / 10

The Human Centipede III : Well it was certainly memorable

The first Human Centipede movie had a certain novelty factor about it. It was meant to shock and it succeeded, thus making it somewhat watchable.

The second was a disgusting mess with no redeeming features and would likely be in my bottom 100 movies ever made.

This, is an odd creature.

So the antagonists from both previous movies return, but they both play different characters! In the second movie the first movie was made out to be exactly that, just a movie. In this one both the first and second are supposed to have been movies.

Still with me?

Adding an element of humour this third part is undeniably memorable but not for the right reasons. It aims to shock once again and pulls out all the stops in doing so.

Sex with a girl in a coma, munching fried clitoris's, cutting a mans side open and having sex with the hole, cutting out a mans testicles & eating them and of course all the human centipede stuff make for unsettling viewing.

Credit where credit is due, the lead takes the character and makes it his own and saves the film (To an extent) The Human Centipede III is disgusting, and there is barely a story but it has moments that are very hard to get off your mind so it at least succeeds there.

Not for the faint.

The Good:

Dieter Laser certainly makes for an interesting character with Billy Boss

The Bad:

Shock for the sake of shock

No real storyline

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Prison staff will follow instruction regardless of what it is

Fried clitoris doesn't in fact provide super strength

That newly sliced hole rape scene will haunt my dreams

Part of me thinks that the whole prison centipede thing is a good idea

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