The Human Centipede


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sango_miroku 8 / 10

A film more about tension/suspense rather than jumpy moments

I chose to watch this film based on its title. All I had heard were negative things and I was honestly preparing myself for a man that would explode into a poor quality cgi centipede that ate people or something. (I had not watched a trailer beforehand or really read any synopsis or critic reviews.) I was really expecting a terrible film which I could laugh at. After watching the film I was VERY surprised and immediately came online to check what others thought to now feel somewhat embarrassed to say I felt like this film had me pretty gripped, on the edge of my seat, feeling a lot of tension, some slightly sadder feelings and generally pretty satisfied...

I want to give this film an 8 out of 10, based on its production quality, the acting and the atmosphere and tension created throughout the film.

I don't normally enjoy horror/scifi films as much as I used to simply because I have grown tired of the cheap thrills, the obsession with unrealistic cgi with high budgets and using the same old tricks to scare you.

The types of horror/scifi type films I had really enjoyed were REC, The Orphanage, Alien, The Thing, The Evil Dead etc... now I'm not saying The Human Centipede is similar but I did feel like it created similar tension to that which I enjoyed in the other films.

I also felt that the main character was played incredibly well and made the film feel more believable (Ignoring the concept of stitching people together into a centipede) but more so the way he would talk, act and stare, he was such a disturbing character I found myself feeling more terrified in ways. A disturbing person felt a bit more realistic than an alien popping out of my chest one day... not comparing the films in any way, just stating why I was allowed to feel scared by a human.

The film perhaps was somewhat formulaic, regarding traditional narratives I guess of how scifi/horror films were made in the 90s/00s regarding deaths and perhaps the ending. Not to make it any less enjoyable.

My only real criticism of the film was probably the core concept of stitching people into a centipede... I feel as though I didn't really learn quite enough about the doctor to understand what the incentive fully was. We know he's a retired surgeon who had dogs that he stitched into a centipede but that's about it... So I do find that concept a little odd... I would have liked to know if there was more of a reason for the doctor being the way he was with his ideas. There are obviously little bits and bobs here or there where I think 'but in real life, police wouldn't do that' etc but I always try to let that go in a film.

I also think the title of the film immediately gives it a bad stigma... As I said I was expecting to watch something more like Giant Cobra vs Komodo Dragon or Sharktopus or something...

I think had the film kept the same actors and atmosphere but perhaps changed what the doctor was doing to people this film would have received a much better response. (As I can understand to a point why people would be in a bit of an uproar about what you see) but then again, would the surgeon be as disturbing as a character if he hadn't done something as outrageous? Who knows...

If you want to watch this film, go into it open minded... I don't think it is AS bad as people are saying but maybe that's because I was expecting something horrendous? The operation looked very realistic as well and I really felt the actual production of the film was to a high standard.

But if you want a horror/scifi film which creates suspense and tension and leaves you not having to worry about something jumping out at you every five seconds you might enjoy this.

Reviewed by mortal1 7 / 10

For a low budget movie it's got legs

Well, where to start? Sat down and watched this after being told you have to see this to believe it. What did they mean? It'll make you sick, it'll make you turn your eyes away. I was very intrigued. I have been watching horror movies since my teens at the cinema and even earlier if I include the Hammer Horrors on late night TV.

So I like to think I know a decent Horror when I see one. I am so used to the hype around these movies. I used to fall for the tag lines 'scariest movie ever' etc etc etc. More often than not deflated and let down at the failure of all the claims made in advertisements. Which means in recent years I have become picky about what horrors to watch.

Did The Human Centipede live up to the hype. As far as I am concerned on many levels it did. I thought I was going to hate it. Once you get over the extremely twisted premise of an evil doctor attaching humans together in a very disgusting way. This is a really good little low budget Horror. There I said it. I liked this. There is nearly no gore, most of the horror is built in the imagination, in the tense build up and a genuine sympathy for the victims of the mad doctor. Oh.... and what a mad doctor he is, scary, sadistic, and as mad as the maddest hatter! This movie achieves a certain sense of foreboding and dark oppressiveness that big budget horrors never manage.

OK, I agree the premise is totally bizarre but it is a horror movie and it makes a great change from the usual slasher movies and supernatural flicks. In a few years this will be regarded as a great example of tense thrilling and yes horrific filmmaking.

Reviewed by gunnardsamek 1 / 10


I'm not even really sure what this movie was. The plot was flimsy at best, characters are constantly making terrible decisions, making them incredibly unlikable. The only redeemable qualities of this movie are the screaming Japanese guy and the movie accomplishing its intended goal of being nasty (I guess??).

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