The Houses October Built


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GL84 9 / 10

Far better than expected found-footage effort

Attempting to do a documentary, a film crew filming their experiences as they go looking for the most extreme haunted house in the country stumble upon the location of a real-life haunted house run by a group of deranged individuals looking to do more than play a friendly game with them.

This here was an overall decent enough offering. One of the more enjoyable elements of this one is the initial setup featured here which has a lot of rather enjoyable elements featured within here. The fact that they're so intent on going through the different attractions throughout the country means this one has a lot of cheesy good fun with the group walking through the other attractions. Being found-footage means that the first-hand account of them walking in the dark with the different people dressed up as demons, evil clowns and other such characters gives this a deciedly creepy atmosphere as if it's being experienced first hand by the viewer which is plenty of fun. The second stop which is the interactive experience adds some incredibly fine action to the proceedings, and with the later encounter in the RV as they leave has a finely chilling atmosphere to the whole affair. The final few sessions, where they get into the last haunt and get into the confrontation with the demented persona from before it sets up the insanely creepy sequence of the group being secretly filmed by the lone member of the society which is one of the finest points of the film. As that turns into the group being unsure of whether the people they encounter are really demented or just playing a twisted and extreme version of the attractions they're looking for, the action picks up nicely withthe series of encounters being far more aggressive and hostile from the abductions at the festival as well as the bus ride out to the true location gives this a rather intense vibe as there's a real sense of everything being done for real instead of as a game which is a large part of the unease feltduring this part of the film. As that enhances the atmosphere of the situation even more during the terror-filled finale where they're forced through the remote house which straddles the line between what is real or not makes this section all the better. These here manage to hold this one up while it does have a few minor issues involved here. The biggest problem is the fact that this one tends to really build up an atmosphere about the supposedly legendary house they're going to that it doesn't have any hope of living up to it, leaving the ending as a real let-down. This one doesn't really stand-up to the buildup as it seems incredibly rushed with them going through in a rather short time that doesn't have the impact of the earlier haunts. Alongside plenty of useless inserts that don't do much and really could've been taken out to enhance the pacing, these here are what hold it back.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language, Violence and Nudity.

Reviewed by abglos 7 / 10


For me, this film succeeds in the one and only category that I ever demand of a horror flick- it scared the heck out of me. It loses some points for falling into the cliché of a documentary and - when you stop to think about it - the finding of the film doesn't really make sense. But otherwise, it had an excellent creep factor that kept me with it.

Reviewed by hnhovitz 2 / 10

You want Hell House LLC. Not This. Turn Back.

The only reason I'm giving this a 2 is because of the interesting content that may or may not be real revolving around their interviews with haunted house workers. It's boring, predictable, and I think by now everyone with a clown phobia has made a decision to avoid movies like this, not flock to them.

For those of us looking for a thoughtful movie, a scary movie, a movie that you'll look back on the next day and go "Damn, that was good," this is not it. This is lazy, self-indulgent and drags across the screen like the corpse we never get dragged off camera but kind of wish we do, since nobody is the least bit likable. You sit through the end because you think, as with most FF movies, the slow build will pay off. It does not. If you think you can guess the ending, you're probably right, if you're over the age of eight. That's about as much worldly experience you need to call it.

You want to be scared sleepless? You want amazing writing and genius use of FF perspective? You want Hell House LLC. That movie kicks this house's butt, on so, so many levels.

I watched this thinking I'd get a least a similar thrill ride, and what I got was held hostage on a stupid RV for an hour and a half of my life. Oh, and hey, literally everyone involved with this movie? I also see there's a sequel who's trailer advertises any semblance of what you wanted us to believe about the ending—that right there kills your market for those who you wanted to leave hanging. You guys need to get off this ride before you dig your own grave.

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